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You are a Hermaphrodite punk. Unlike normal punks, you appear to be more of a wannabe between the male and female gender. As a Hermaphrodite punk, your appearance is of a more awkward stature. Certain 'body parts' of yours seem unnatural. You try and fix your appearance as much as you can to suit the typical punk stereotype. In the end, when it doesn't seem to fit altogether, you give up and just be happy with it. You feel that you are setting an 'unique trend' this way.

It is morning. You just woke up and you are ready to eat breakfast. Breakfast was normal, compared to your life. You get your iPod, backpack, and lunch, and head out the door.

How do you get to school?

Do you:

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Health 100 Equipment:

iPod, backpack, lunch

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Gender Hermaphrodite
Social Group Punk
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