Put on a skimpy costume and go fight crime?

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and in the shower

Maybe it's the heat making you crazy, but you've always wanted to be a superhero, and hitting the streets and fighting crime is better than staying in your sweltering house. As you shower, you start thinking more and more about it, and the more you want to do it. You don't have any powers, obviously, but you used to be a gymnast before your breasts got so deliciously curvy, and you know some basic self-defense. Plus, your idea for a superhero costume won't cover that much anyway. Not the best for defense, but it will do wonders for making your (straight male and and not-so-straight female) enemies stop in their tracks when they see you.

Stepping out of the shower, you head to your closet and don your disguise - a black vinyl corset and thong. The corset leaves your shoulders bare, and the thong covers so little of your ass, from behind, it looks like you're bottomless. (You bought this outfit to wow your ex-boyfriend, so you might as well get some use out of it.) Next comes a homemade arsenal belt around your waist, a toolbelt fitted with some self-defense equipment - pepper spray, a taser, stuff like that - then a pair of medium-length black gloves and boots from an old Halloween costume. Last comes a simple black eye-mask, also from Halloween, affixed to your face with spirit gum. You leave your long hair loose. You look into a full-length mirror and smile as you put your hands on your hips. You flush slightly at the triangle of vinyl covering your bare crotch. All the better to keep the bad guys' eyes off your fists, you think to yourself.

All you need is a name. The Vinyl Vixen sounds about right.

Nobody's around, you think, so you slip out back, mount your motorcycle and zoom off. Your nipples harden from the sensation of the speedy motorcycle's vibrations between your bare thighs and the jiggling of your breasts as you speed through the streets.

Where to?

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