Put on a tanktop and soffe shorts

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You try to put on a pair of your own boyshorts, but they don't fit. You start to rummage through your roommate's drawers, slightly aroused by the kink of not only wearing someone else's panties, but doing so in a different body. You find a small grey thong and a pair of dark blue boyshorts. X-Small. You pull them up your toned legs and roll them up until they fit snuggly against your teen booty and hairless pussy.

While none of the bras fit you at all, you are able to find a cami with a built in bra that seems to at least keep your new breasts from bouncing all over the place. The curve of your breasts stretches the pink material, holding it out so it only loosely clings to your soft stomach, stopping right below your belly button, revealing a glimpse of middrift. Still able to see your nipples through the pink material, you put on a light, zipup hoodie, with the white cotton material barely closed enough to cover your titties

You walk into the bathroom to put your hair in a high ponytail. You see your makeup bag next to the sink.

"Hmm, nothing wrong with a bit of makeup," you think to yourself. As you start to apply the eyeliner, you find your hands compelled in a way you've never felt before. As you finish, you look at your reflection -- the reflection of your new teenage form -- in the mirror. Dark eyeliner, sparkly pink lip gloss. You look so young.

And sexy.

"I really look like a high school girl ready for cheerleader tryout. Kewl!" you say with a flip of your hair, skipping gleefully out of the bathroom. You put on some flipflops, which really flip and flop on your tiny feet, and head out the door.

You walk to elevator and hit the down button, somewhat relieved, but somewhat disappointed, that no guys are around to check you out and no girls are around to be jealous... or check you out.

"What's the point of being a hot piece of jailbait if I can't get a cock between my mouth." You pause.

"Or my legs."

Just realizing what you've said, you contemplate heading back to your room, when the elevator door opens. Standing before you is 5 feet 8 inches of the hottest guy you've ever seen.

Do you:

Health Scared
Height 4’ ”11
Weight 99 lbs
Gender Female
Hair Bright Blond in ponytail
Cup Size 30 C
Location Elevator
Clothes blue soffe shorts, grey thong, pink cami, white, zip-up hoodie
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