Put on your roomate's t-shirt and jeans

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You rummage through your roomate's clothes, grabbing a thong, a pair of jeans and a soft blue t-shirt that had some old '70s logo on it.

You slide the grey thong up your legs, knowing that none of yours would fit. You pull the shirt over your head, struggling to get it past your breasts. The soft material rubs against your titties, slightly turning you on.

You pull on the jeans, thinking they barely fit until you realize that they are skinny jeans.

"Hmm, I could never wear skinny jeans before, this is new."

They're a little long so you roll them up, with your cute little feet sticking out from under the cuffs. The dark denim is practically painted on your ass. You give yourself a playful little slap.

"Ooooh," you shudder as the soft sting turns you on. "At least that hasn't changed."

You can't find any shoes to fit your small feet, so you put on a pair of your now oversized flipflops. You check yourself out in the mirror, admiring your 16-year-old body. You start to strike a few poses and make some kissy faces toward yourself. You definitely feel kinky about wearing your roommate's clothes. Not to mention being someone else while doing so.

"God, I'm such a little high school tease," you say to yourself. "This is like so hot."

You bounce on your toes to watch your C-cups jiggle, when you notice that you can clearly see your half-dollar areolas through the t-shirt.

"Hmm, maybe I should go to the mall," you think to yourself. Something about the mall seems like such a fun idea. "Hehe, I am such a teeniebopper."

Do you:

Health Scared
Height 4’ ”11
Weight 99 lbs
Gender Female
Hair Bright Blond
Cup Size 30 C
Location Your Dorm
Clothes skinny jeans, thong, and tight t-shirt
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