Quest: Live Music

From Create Your Own Story

"So, what do we need to do for this to work?" you ask.

"Well, hon, we need to go to the Memory Den, they can help us."

"Why there?"

"See, I think that maybe there is an installation for those loungers that might bend them more to our purposes, unless you actually expect me to fuck a mutant. Y'know, 'Good Neighbor'?"

"Well, okay."

You head over the Memory Den with Magnolia. Irma and the Doc greet you and you explain your unusual request.

"Hmm..." Irma said. "Well, if this technology existed, then we could definitely boost our sales. All your fantasies alive? We'd need more loungers. Unfortunately, I've never heard of such a thing, darling. What about you, Doctor?"

Doctor Amari is biting her lower lip. "Hmm...well, maybe. I heard about this old Vault down south, contained some Virtual Reality Pods. If you could get a programming for one of those, maybe I could do something."

"Well, where would he get one?" Magnolia asked, apparently deciding you were doing this.

"I think there's a Vault-Tec Repair and Maintenance Center to the south. Might check there. Only thing is, from what I've discovered, it takes two Pipboys to navigate most Vault-Tec Centers like this. I think because of the equipment they wanted double security. You've got one, but..."

(Vault Girl) "And I've got one too!"

Well, I don't know

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