Quest: Reality Check

From Create Your Own Story

You go inside. Surprisingly enough, the whole place is deserted. You wander among the junk, finding some weird devices next to two identical rotting apples, a box of...puppets...and advertising for being in a Vault alone with 999 women. Well, that last one wasn't too bad. You kept looking through until you find three pods, much like memory loungers. Connected are three wires leading to three terminals.

The first one is working, but password protected.

The second one is off, but is connected to a rusty circuit breaker.

The final is on, but displays an error sign.

(Perception) Notice a slip of paper with the password on it next to the terminal

(Strength) Force the circuit breaker on

(Intelligence) Pry open the back and fix the terminal

Get in a pod

Data Tips Quest:


Porn Pictures
Map Hubs
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