R: Hear your girlfriends reasons

From Create Your Own Story

Beginning of Chapter 2

You hear a small patch of static, then you hear the voice that came from your dream. Your girlfriend's light and heavenly voice makes you smile inside, it's good to hear someone you know, even though you technically don't have a single clue about how she looks or acts.

"Hello? Richard? Is that you?" She first speaks, "It's me, May. You still remember me right?"

May, May, May, you chuck that name inside your brain and churn it up like a blender to see if you can manage to remember any remnants of your memories. It doesn't work.

"Umm, no." You sigh in disappointment, "I can't"

Suddenly, the voice butts in, "HEY! I SAID NO TALKING!! Talk again and you're dead."

Hold on, why is your captors voice so deep all of a sudden? It seems to be that the voice knows May, so if she would hear his real voice, then she would know who he would be. I guess you can't really blame him.

You nod, then you hear May comment, "What? I was never told about this? I had so many questions to ask?"

"Questions to ask? That may cause Richard to remember his past, and we wouldn't want that would we?"

"Of course I would want that?!" She screams in disagreement, "Richard, it's your girlfriend, May, do you remember me? I met you seven years ago in the last year of High School. Remember?"

You really want to answer those questions by screaming out 'Yes', but you can't. If you speak one more time, like the voice said, you're going to get killed for sure, and secondly, you can't even remember her, so how can you get any memories of how you met? After a few seconds of no response, the voice speaks up.

"It seems as if he doesn't want to die." You suddenly hear slow claps, "May, if you want to continue I suggest you not ask him questions, because he won't answer."

"Okay," you hear May concede, "I'll begin my reasoning."

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