R: Remember

From Create Your Own Story

Just another day, just another story...

You lift open your eyes. All you can see is a bright light. You get up and take a look around you. You are in a very tight room, with no windows and one door. Everything is painted in white. Beside the door is a small walkie talkie which looks brand new.

You begin to think, where are you? Who are you? You steady yourself and stumble towards the door. You tightly grab the knob and begin to twist it open. It's locked. Damn. You take another spin around the place. You don't know where you are, you don't know who you are, and you are trapped inside this small room. You pace slowly around the room with your mind thinking intensely on what to do.

You pick up the walkie talkie. You press the button for the microphone and speak.

"Hello? Is anyone there?"

The room remains silent until a voice springs out of the device.

"Ahh yes, hello!" The voice is very high pitched, seemingly happy, yet, sinister. "Do you remember who you are?"

You think once more, trying to remember who you are, but nothing manages to spring up.

"Hello? Do you remember-"

"No," you answer unhappily. "I don't"

Silence fills the room once more, but the voice comes back.

"Good, this should make things much more interesting."

You don't know whether you should be scared or happy. Questions pop up in your mind.

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