ROTJ: Not beg and force the tiny bikini on

From Create Your Own Story

You diside not to beg, and try to put the tiny thong and bikini on, but fail.

The guard pushes the bikine on to you, and dues the strap, making it look like a super mini bikini.

The thong gets oiled and pused on, and feels like it would break from somone pulling it.

Good, the guard says, you will now go and amuse the great jabba, the guard shouts.

Your pushed to jabba, who thinks you look sexy.

Before you can do anything, jabba licks you, and then puts his tail into you pussy, and squirts cum into you.

He then stops sqirting cum into you and says, "you can ither dance for me, or go up my ass, strip or get eaten by me and have your clothes dezolved and then slowly fall in love with me trom the vile in my stumuck.

Do you.

ROTJ: get eaten.

ROTJ: go up his ass.

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