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(NOTICE:This stuff is all about the Norse Ragnarok, the Day of Doom. This is NOT about the movie Thor: Ragnarok. If you need a refresher on this Norse mythology, please feel free to check the Guide to Norse Mythology here.)

(NOTICE: Also, please, if something here offends you, move on. I don't need anymore retarded assholes going around saying, "THIS LITTLE BITCH SUCKS! I've enough of these type of people in my life)

You hold a weapon in your hand. 15ft. away, a a fiery demon wield an axe. Yelling he charges. You hold up your weapon. "Die with honor!" you yell. But to whom? All your comrades are dead, resting in... you frown. You don't know where. It could be Valhalla, of Folksvanger. You don't know. Did Odin take them or Freya? The both control half of the worthy dead. Oh well. You know how to kill. One fire jotuun, all that remains. All I have to do is send him to Muspelheim, you think.

Your weapon is a:

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