Raider Trouble in Heaven

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It was just a routine run. Nate was going to go deal with some raiders that had been bothering Sanctuary. Their hideout happened to be in the very bottom of the Commonwealth. Why they would hike all the way across the Commonwealth to pick on them, Nate didn't know, but he was going to kill them. He was taking with him Piper. He had met her a few weeks ago, and had bonded with the girl after a short period of time. They were cool with each other, and traveling with a friend was nice. Maybe one day his feelings would be more than that...but for now, friends.

After hiking for hours, Nate and Piper were exhausted. Piper didn't mind helping people-especially with Nate-but why all the walking? About 30 minutes from their destination they came across a small shack.

"Piper, how about we rest here before we go in?"

"Sounds good to me, Blue. I call the bed."

Heading inside, Piper and Nate drank some water they found in the cupboard, then Piper flopped down on the bed and Nate settled on the sleeping bag and drifted off...


"Shut up!"

"You shut up!"

A gun cocking was accompanied by, "Both of ya' shut up."

Grumblings came from the darkness. "Now, boys, looks like our trap-shack finally caught something. So here's how we're gonna do this. We're gonna go in, SILENTLY take all their nice things, and then we'll take them two back to the boss. Oh, and as for the girl...I will be happy to take those her hands. You two can get the guy. Now move!"

Piper slowly woke up. She felt groggy, more tired than she should've been. When she gathered her thoughts, though, she woke up. First of all, she noticed the cage. She was in some sort of arena, a large light shining down, and solid bars running up, then forming a roof, similar to the one of the Combat Zone, with a large area of mattresses. Secondly, she noticed the crowd. Raiders surrounded the room, whooping and whistling for observation number three. She happened to be in her underwear, and a lot of cleavage showing between her large E boobs. Frantically, Piper used her arms to cover her chest. Meanwhile, a couple raiders were walking slowly closer. Panicked, Piper looked desperately for Blue. They couldn't have...

No, luckily he was in the corner, the rise and fall of his chest apparent. He seemed mostly okay, except for the fact that he was stripped down to his boxers, and completely unarmed. Unfortunately, he looked completely unconscious.

"Blue!: she screeched, rising to run to his aid, only to find her ankle had a new anklet, chained to a metal spike in the center of the large mattress area. Her scream had been enough to make him stir, but it still seemed like it'd be a while before he was fully awake, and the raiders approaching were going to get there first. Piper backed away, reaching the outer limit of the chain as she backed to the brick wall, making all cage walls 15 feet or more from her. One raider came up to the door, and smiled at her, yellowed teeth showing.

"Hello, bitch. You're gonna be mine, aren't you?" He said this last part while fingering his gun. As a fear reaction Piper squeezed her arms tighter around her bust, but that only caused her breasts to flatten, showing more cleavage, met with a loud whistling from the general crowd. The raider at the door began fiddling with the lock, and the cheering of the crowd remained steady at a loud volume.

Then, just before the raider unlocked the door, a gunshot rang out.

As Nate regained awareness the first thing he heard was a gruff, loud voice say "Enough!"

Raising himself to a sitting position, he looked around. He, as Piper had, noticed a few things, the first being the cage. Secondly, he noticed he was unarmed, a feeling he hadn't had since the day he went into that Vault. The third for him was also the fact that Piper was in her underwear. This sight stunned him, perhaps more than the cage. After this moment passed, he also discovered that he was in the same situation, except Piper seemed to be chained to the mattresses. Afterwards, you turn your attention outside of the cage. On the other side, a raider was at a chained door, seemingly the only one. He looked like he was about to undo it, but was now frozen. In front of the cage was a viewing area. Chairs littered the ground in front of the stage, one which the cage was on, elevated a few feet. A second story had a balcony walkway that wrapped around the room. Raiders stood along the ways, sat in chairs, or leaned on the railings, silently. In the center of the walkway was a man, who Nate assumed to be leader, glaring daggers at the raiders. He was large, tough looking. He had thin gray hair, and a face full of scars that showed his experience. It was clear this man was aged, yet still a formidable foe.

"What did you think you were doing?" the man asked, clearly to the raider at the door.

"Uhm, well, Grizz, I was just gonna...mess with the girl a bit, just a bit, I swear!" he said, almost pleadingly. His statement filled Nate will rage, and he started to rise, but thought better of it and slowly shifted to a crouching position, going unnoticed.

"Well, boy," the leader, Grizz, said, "you know that's not how I do things, don't you?"

"Y-yes s-sir, but I-I just-" Sensing what was about to happen Nate turned his head away as a gunshot ended the man's sentence, and a whimper escaped Piper. Nate turned back, seeing the man down on the floor, dead.

"Now, ma'am, you don't worry none." Grizz said. "I don't plan to let any of my boys here touch you." A mix of relief and confusion flood both captives. "No, you see," he continued, "I get my kicks another way. Now relief was replaced by anxiousness and nervousness. "Yes, none of my boys will be laying a finger on you, but as for your buddy over there-"He motioned to Nate. "-well, you two will be giving us a grand show."

Piper was stunned. Her whole life, through threats, accusations, and prospective death, she always had something to say. Yet now, for the first time ever, she was utterly speechless. A mixture of emotions ran through her so fast she couldn't even fully grasp them all. Fear, anger, loathing, nervousness and...excitement? It was true that she liked Nate. She enjoyed traveling with him, and enjoyed being around someone who could make her laugh, who was compassionate, cared, and was strong enough to do something about it. But up until now, she hadn't given much thought to getting anywhere more. Once or twice she had fleeting fantasies of a life, with him, but they never stuck. Faced with the full, unchangeable reality of intimacy, it almost appealed to her. Looking at Blue, she had to admit that he was important to her, and she may have been a little attracted. But for now, the overall fear of the situation overruled how she might have felt, and she did not want to do this. Not yet. Just as she was gearing up to say something witty and clever, Blue stole the show as he stood and firmly said, "No".

It wasn't because he didn't like her, he did. She was attractive, kind, funny, and a good person all around. In the future he could see himself pursuing a life with her, but not like this. Not forced. All eyes turned to Nate. "We won't."

Grizz's face displayed mock surprise. "Really? Well then in that case, you can just go! Why didn't you say so?" Then he burst into a cruel, rough laugh, the room joining him. "No, you see," he said, "you'll do it..." It was at that point that four dangerous looking red dots appeared on Piper's chest, and judging by her look at him, Nate guessed there was 4 more on his chest. The sound of 8 guns cocking echoed the room. "...or we'll blast your brains out. If the mister doesn't do it, then I'll open the door and, well, maybe I'll...forget about my rules. THEN I'll shoot you. Then, I'll forget about the rules some more. And if the Missy doesn't listen, then I'll do the same, but shoot your pal here first."

Nate had no doubt that this was true, and not only did he want to live, but he couldn't let that happen to Piper. Nate looked to Piper, and saw that she had a resigned look on her face...yet it wasn't quite sad, more acceptance. She mouthed to him, It's okay. Nate sighed, looked to Grizz, and gave a short nod. "Ha ha, that's what I thought. Now, you'll do exactly as I say. No more, no less, got it? Good. So, 'Blue' as the bitch said, you go over to her." Nate walked over to Piper's side, and knelt down, making sure she was okay. She looked at him, as if imagining what he was about to be forced to do.

"Now, Blue, how about you give her a kiss?"

Nate leaned in and quickly pecked Piper on the lips. "Ha ha, yeah right, what are you, KIDS?! Kiss her like a man, or I WILL fire."

Slowly, Nate leaned in, and looked into Piper's eyes. "C'mon, Blue, if we don't do this we'll both die." she whispered to you. Encouraged, Nate leaned all the way in, and grabbed the back of Piper's neck, pulling their lips together. Their faces stayed close, and eventually their tongues met. As if on instinct, each one let their tongue slip into the others mouth, their tongues swirling and exploring. Nate's hands slipped down to Piper's bare back, sending a tingle up her spine.

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