Realize the power of the program and try to use it to fix the problems of the world

From Create Your Own Story

"Oh my God this program is incredible," you mutter, your body nearly frozen in the middle of your room. "Imagine what I could do!"

You ignore your current predicament and get on your computer. Clicking to get to the main menu again, this time, for a name, you type in "Mahmoud Ahmadinejad."

"Alright program, lets see if we can bring some peace to the Middle East," you say excitedly, contemplating in the back of your mind whether Iran technically counts as the Middle East.

As you hit enter, your hear your computer start to whir up. Suddenly, the screen goes blank. You pause for a second, wondering what happened, when the whirring starts again.


Your computer explodes in a blast much larger than a small laptop should be able to make. You are thrown to the floor and notice two men in identical black suits enter your room just as you lose consciousness.

You wake up, you don't know how much later, in a small padded room, clothed only in a hotel gown. You run to the small window on the door and see the two men walk down a long, nondescript hallway.

"Too bad we always have to punish the ones who think big. You would think we would want to reward people who want to make this world a better place."

"Any change too big is dangerous, even if intentions are pure. Besides, all we can do is cultivate our own garden."


Health Drugged
Height 4’ ”11
Weight 99 lbs
Gender Female
Hair Bright Blond
Cup Size 30 C
Location Unknown
Clothes Hotel gown
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