Realize your in no state to leave for class

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You look up at Tessa as she looks down at you like a wolf about to eat a lamb and say "Tessa I cant go to class like this". Streaks of confusion and and surprise cross her face as she lets you go, almost like she didn't understand you. You two stare at each other like your waiting to see what the other does next. Tessa yells "Dammit," swinging you around and sitting you on the toilet as she slams open the stall door and walks out her penis fully exposed and still rock hard. You sit there looking at the open stall door mortified you cant imagine how you look. You hear "Oh hey beautiful are you gonna use that monster on me... wait what hey?" Then a moment later Tessa drags in a half naked blonde who is wearing no pants and slams the door shut. Tessa looks down at her and says "clean her slut." The blond looks at you and her eyes go wide and lets out a an excited "sure." She spins you around and starts licking the cum off your back making noises like she is enjoying her favorite meal. You hear a tearing noise and look back as Tessa literally rips off the girl's panties and slams her cock inside of her. The blonde arches back and starts moaning as Tessa violently moves in and out of her. Tessa growls "She isn't clean yet whore" and with one hand pushes the blonde's head back down so she can continue licking Tessa's seed off your back. You hear soon after a faint "done" from the blonde as you get up. Tessa is still violently having her way with the blonde cum dripping from her and her stomach swelling as Tessa pumps her seed into her over and over. You get dressed never taking your eyes off her doing this, until Tessa looks back at you almost emotionless and says "You will meet me at lunch i wanna talk to you okay." You nod your head and hurry off to class as you hear Tessa have her way with the blonde. You can hardly focus in class as your mind wanders thinking about wether or not you want Tessa to treat you like she did that blonde girl?

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Health 88 Equipment:

Calculator,Backpack, Bus Pass, Notebooks and School books

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Gender Female
Social Group Nerd
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