Refuse and scream for help

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Status: Topless and in a pool

Despite the risk of embarrassment, no way are you letting this little thug have his way with you! "HELP!" you scream at the top of your lungs. "HE THREATENED TO RAPE ME!"

"Bitch!" he snarls as he grabs for your bikini bottom. Before he can, three other people have him in a firm grip and are pulling him away from you. His friends watch uncertainly, not sure what to do.

In less than a minute, three security have rushed to the scene. "What happened?" one of them demands. She's about your age, with shoulder-length blond hair and a fit body.

"That punk over there was molesting that poor young woman," one of your fellow swimmers says.

"Did he take your top off?" the security guard asks you.

You briefly think about lying, thinking it'll get the teen in more trouble, but you realize telling the truth is the best way to do that. "No, it came off when I went down the slide. I was going to get it once I reached the ladder when he snuck up behind me. He said he'd steal the rest of my bikini if I didn't let him and his friends over there rape me!"

"She's lying!" one of the boy's friends says. "She was hitting on him! She's just trying to get him in trouble!"

"We'll see what the security footage says," the second guard says. "Cliff, get that woman her top back and let's get these people to the guardhouse to look at the tapes."

An hour later, after the security footage has been reviewed, you're watching your assailant being dragged away in handcuffs, and a fourth guard glumly heading to the parking lot, two more guards behind him.

"We've been getting word about these boys causing problems for female guests of this water park for months," the female guard says. "The punk who threatened you, his uncle works security here, and they've been able to intimidate women into submitting to their demands. Not only are those kids barred for life, but they could be looking at jail time, and their uncle as well. We've suspected he was in on their shenanigans, helping them out."

"Thanks for all you did for me," you say.

"Nah, you're the one who deserves the thanks for being brave enough to call these bastards out," she says. "You've got free admission for life after this, by the way. I hope to see you around more."

You find yourself blushing. "Are you free tonight?"

The guard smiles at you. "For you, yeah. I'm Summer, by the way."

You tell her your name. "So," Summer says, "Your place or mine tonight?"

You wake up the next morning exhausted from a long night of intense lovemaking with Summer. You just couldn't get enough of her lean, athletic body, nor she of all your delicious curves. Putting on a robe, you get the newspaper and smile at the headline praising you for stopping a gang of rapists at the waterpark. Not a bad way to start the day.

Now if only your AC could get fixed...


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