Refuse to sign the enrolment form. You really don't want to stay at a school where students are whipped

From Create Your Own Story

"You're crazy if you think I'm gonna want to stay here after I just got whipped" you tell Headmistress Palmer.

Headmistress Palmer takes the enrolment form and writes your name down herself.

"What are you doing?" you ask.

"You're here because your mother doesn't want you" she tells you, "you think I wasn't prepared for this?"

Two girls enter the room and hold her down, bending you over the desk. Palmer examines your whipped back.

"I see Mary has had to discipline you already" she says, "how many lashes did you give this girl?"

"Twenty, headmistress" Mary says.

"Perhaps forty will teach her" the headmistress says.

Mary takes out her whip and steps behind you.

"I told you to do as the headmistress says" she tells you as she begins to raise her whip.

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