Remember you DO have an invitation

From Create Your Own Story

You suddenly remember you put your invite in your purse. You take it out and hand it to the bouncer. He looks it over for a moment, then gestures you to go in.

You feel the music pumping throughout the room. There's strobe lights everyone and sweaty bodies all over the dance floor. There's also private cabanas along the wall with closed curtains for privacy. Once you get inside you scope the place looking for hotties.

You see a sexy bartender serving up vodkas. You wonder if he would like to drink vodka off your body.

You see probably the hottest man you've ever seen dancing on the dance floor. You lick your lips. You would love to grind with him. But there's one problem- he's dancing with what looks like his girlfriend.

Or you could always just head to a private cabana and wait and see who comes in.

As you consider what to do, you notice lots of girls stripping in various ways; some remove only their tops, some strip topless, some to their underwear, some to just their panties, and others fully naked (half of which include their shoes). The bouncers either don't notice, or simply don't care. Perhaps it's allowed here.

Do you:

Health Really Horny & Hormonal Location:

Ritz Night Club

MP 0
Level 1
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