Remove his close and get a look at his cock up close?

From Create Your Own Story

You tear off his clothes and leave them in a torn pile on the floor revealing his smooth hairless teenage body. You stare at it in amazement for a few seconds. He has a flat tanned hairless chest, with two large brown, cute, nipples. You lower your gaze and see the beginnings of a happy trail down through his tan lines to his hairless... Wow that has to be almost 7 inches, huge for someone his age. His cock stood strait out in front of him, cut with a cute pink head, framed by smooth white legs. You open your mouth and take his whole cock into your mouth in one motion.

You hear Marcus moan "Oh Archie..."

You continue sucking him for several minutes, licking his cock, sucking his balls, deep throating him and pumping your head up and down on his cock, anything you could think of to worship this amazing peace of boy meat.

Marcus seems to really be enjoying your administrations, with every actions he squirms in pleasure and his moaning increases.

After what did not seem like enough time you hear his breathing pick up and you know he is about to cum.

do you:

keep sucking, let him cum in your mouth?

remove your mouth and let him cum on your face

stop sucking, don't let him cum yet

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