Request that she please him with her mouth (Path Four)

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His eyes glued to hers, Robb stood up from the desk and walked to the bed. He examined her, as one would examine a fruit before purchasing it. He evaluated every curve of her body, and deemed she was definitely hot enough to buy. However, was she skilled enough?

"Before I buy you, I need to know if I'll be getting my money's worth," Robb told the whore, lying down on the bed. Shae turned to face him as he propped his head up on a pillow. "I'll need to sample your skills, to see if your good enough."

Shae smiled and climbed on the bed, crawling over to Robb. "And how could I prove my abilty?" She asked, admiring Robb's growing hard-on.

"Use your mouth," Robb requested, after a second of thinking, "I think an oral exam will show me if your good enough."

"As m'lord commands," Shae said seductively. She crawled over his crotch, her hands working on the laces. Once undone, she slowly pulled down his pants, pushing her ass out as she did. Once his pants were at his ankles, and then off his legs, she began to stroke his cock. Working him with expert hands, soon he was fully hard.

"I believe I said your mouth," Robb ordered, enjoying this position of power. He enjoyed playing with servants, but a whore was a step lower. She just smiled, and brought her lips to his cockhead. She placed a delicate kiss on the tip, before running her tongue up and down the shaft. Her lips glided over the skin of his cock, kissing it from base to tip. Once she reached the tip, she engulfed the tip in her warm, wet mouth. She swirled her tongue around before beginning to blow him, her lips swallowing more and more of his shaft. Robb let out a groan as Shae deepthroated his dick, her chin touching his balls. She did this a few more times, before withdrawing completely.

Lowering herself, she took his balls in her mouth, playing with each testicle. Robb tilted his head back in appreciation. The only person he'd ever done who gave attention to the balls was Ros, a whore from Winterfell. However, she was nowhere near as skilled as Shae. She deftly massaged both testicles with her tongue, coating them in saliva. She sucked on one, then popped it out of her mouth, the sack falling down. She then did the same with the other ball. She had coated the balls with so much spit that some dripped down his asscrack, sending a wierdly warm sensation up his spine. Then, giving Robb that same sexy and devious smile, she lowered herself again.

He wondered what she is doing, as her tongue begins to lick the underside of his balls. Trailing south, she moveed her tongue down his asscrack and to his asshole. Robb is speechless as she spreads his cheeks and begins to run her tongue around his asshole. He'd never had a girl rim him before, but had heard of it from Jon. Apparently a wildling girl he'd know, Ygritte, had been into it. Her free hand stroked his cock as she pushed her warm, wet tongue into his ass. Robb just closed his eyes and enjoyed the new sensation, one he knew he'd be trying again.

Shae seemed to know he was close to his climax. Withdrawing her mouth from his asshole, she shifted back his cock, taking it in her mouth once again. The pleasure of her mouth on his cock, her free hand fondling his balls, and the warm saliva in his ass was too much, and he came. He unleashed buckets of cum into the whore's mouth, practically drowing her. Robb pulled out, and coated her face and tits as well. Exhausted and spent, Robb rested his head in the pillow. No, she would definitely be more than just a cum dump for quick satisfaction, Robb thought, Shae would be a nice bedwarmer for many a cold winter night.

"Am I worth the price?" Shae asked, wiping some cum off her tits and licking it off her finger.

"Definitely. You will be coming with me to Winterfell. I don't care the price, I'll pay it. I hope you'll teach me many more new things." With that Robb dismissed her. Her ordered a room to be set up with her, and had Sera sent to help clean her up. He knew the girls would have more fun than that, though. Tired, he pulled on some clothes and went to sleep. In his dreams, Shae eat his ass while Sansa rode him.

A midnight visitor

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