Request that she ride him (Path Four)

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His eyes glued to hers, Robb stood up from the desk and walked to the bed. He examined her, as one would examine a fruit before purchasing it. He evaluated every curve of her body, and deemed she was definitely hot enough to buy. However, was she skilled enough?

"Before I buy you, I need to know if I'll be getting my money's worth," Robb told the whore, lying down on the bed. Shae turned to face him as he propped his head up on a pillow. "I'll need to sample your skills, to see if your good enough."

Shae smiled and climbed on the bed, crawling over to Robb. "And how could I prove my abilty?" She asked, admiring Robb's growing hard-on.

"Ride me," Robb requested, after a second of thinking, "Why should I have to do any work. Your the whore."

"As m'lord commands," Shae said seductively. She crawled over his crotch, her hands working on the laces. Once undone, she slowly pulled down his pants, pushing her ass out as she did. Once his pants were at his ankles, and then off his legs, she began to stroke his cock. Working him with expert hands, soon he was fully hard.

"I believe I said your mouth," Robb ordered, enjoying this position of power. He enjoyed playing with servants, but a whore was a step lower. Shae just smiled, and crawled over him. She kissed her way up his body, before finally meeting his mouth. As the two locked lips, Shae used her free hand to guide his cock into her pussy. She moaned into Robb's mouth as she impaled herself on his cock, fitting his entire length in. She began to move up and down, her cunt gripping his dick. Robb moved his hands to her ass, but she batted his hands away, straightening her back.

"I thought m'lord wanted me to do all the work," Shae said sexily, now looking down at Robb. "I am a whore after all." Robb smiled, giving her ass a swat before moving his hands behind his head. Once Shae was accustom to his size, she began to show off the skills she had learned during her years as a whore. She didn't just go up and down. She gyrated her hips, and rolled her ass up and down his cock. It was a sensation Robb had not experienced. Never had he been with a woman so skilled in the art of pleasure. It didn't take Robb long to approach his climax.

Shae seemed to know, because she gradually fucked him hard, grinding her hips and ass into his body. "Is m'lord gonna cum," Shae asked, panting. Robb couldn't take any more and came, shooting his baby-making seed deep into Shae. She kept riding him, milking his cock for every drop. She dismounted him, letting the last few spurts land on her pussy and stomach.

Exhausted and spent, Robb rested his head in the pillow. No, she would definitely be more than just a cum dump for quick satisfaction, Robb thought, Shae would be a nice bedwarmer for many a cold winter night.

"Am I worth the price?" Shae asked, scooping some cum out of her pussy and licking it off her fingers.

"Definitely. You will be coming with me to Winterfell. I don't care the price, I'll pay it. I hope you'll teach me many more new things."

"And would m'lord of Winterfell mind sending for some moon tea," Shae requested, rubbing her belly.

"Certainly," Robb replied, dismissing her. Her ordered a room to be set up with her, and had Sera bring her moon tea. Tired, he pulled on some clothes and went to sleep. In his dreams, Shae taught Sansa how to ride like that.

A midnight visitor

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