Resident evil 2

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After the failure of the police to stop the zombie horde, the whole city has fallen to the undead scourge. There are almost no survivors left and the ones who are alive are struggling to survive. But there are a few places that serve as strongholds against the undead and the rescue teams continue to search for survivors both on land and in the air. So there is still hope, even though it may be slim.

Also, in the cover of dark, a U.B.C.F. team lands in the city, to begin their secreat mission.

Choose your character:


Leon S. Kennedy (RE2) Weapon: H&K VP 70 Handgun Skill: Sharpshooter.

Claire Redfield (RE2) Weapon: Browning HP Handgun. Skill: All around.

Ada Wong (RE2) Weapon: 70K handgun Skill:Stealth

Robert Kendo (RE2) Weapon: M80 shotgun. Skill:Weapon Specialist.

U.B.C.F. operatives

HUNK (RE2) Weapon: MPK5. Skill:Special Forces training.

Alpha (RE2) Weapon: SP12 shotgun, C4 Skill:Demolition expert.


MR X (RE2) Weapon: Fists. Skill: Regeneration.

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