Review: High School

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Title: High School

Author: Many, many people. Original author was Gr1mm

Pages: 493

Preview: Before you can think, your reflexes have taken over. You sprint over and leap into the air, coming down awkwardly and landing on the bully's flank. The force of your fall drives the bully downwards, and your own landing is cushined by his body being in between you and the hard cement of the sidewalk.

Review: High School, not only a source for stress, but an amazing idea for a story! You begin by choosing gender and social group, and the amount of groups you can come from is astonishing. I especially liked the Male Nerd story, though, it did slowly end up to be a sex scene which I am deeply disappointed in, but then I remember that this is in the Adult section. So I should be expecting this. The sex scenes are good if you really want to know, though, I only read through two of them.

I did notice some flaws throughout my read, and as I got further into the story, it's frequency became more so.

Choices are pretty much the strong point in this adventure, as I said before, you can choose gender and social class, and the amount of those are plenty. Thing is, is that some less popular choices for class, have barely any pages, while others like Nerds, are filled with plenty. It's fine, till you run out of pages for that class.

Overall, you can choose from a wide range of different classes, but while some shine, some classes still need a bit of polish, and perhaps, a few more pages.

Score: 7/10

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