Robb and Sansa make sweet illicit love

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As he moved in, he leaned forward over his sister. He stayed like that for a few seconds until Sansa opened her eyes and met his gaze.

She's so beautiful, he thought again and moved in for the kiss. She returned it, shyly but full of love. He sank down onto her, squished her small breasts between them, and just kept kissing this wonderful girl. After a few seconds, he moved his hips slightly back and thrust into his sister again, coaxing another breathy moan out of her.

He moved on from her lips and kissed her cheeks, her nose, her neck, her shoulders while continuing the penetration at slow speed. He lost track of time, his whole world was just overwhelmed with the warmth of Sansa's skin against his, the tight wetness of her cunt around his cock, her soft, salty lips on his, her wonderful hair with a scent of winter roses and lemon cakes, her sweet, melodic voice moaning softly and crying out his name, the longing, loving gaze in her eyes as she met his...

Robb had no idea if it had been seconds or minutes or maybe several days he spent there, between his sister's thighs, but eventually, without any warning, he came, so suddenly and abruptly that he couldn't even think about the risk of pregnancy. He just shot all the lust and love for his sweet Sansa into her, load after load of semen, while still kissing her passionately. The whole world disappeared into a hazy mist, and it was just him, the girl, and the pleasure that took place between her legs. Then the climax ebbed away, and satisfied exhaustion overcame him as his head sank down onto the bed besides hers. His vision faded as he just enjoyed the scent of her hair and the sound of her soft breaths.

Are they found by anyone?

They are found

Nobody finds them

Sansa wakes him up


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