Robb claims the last Targaryen (Afternoon)

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He just had to have her. Robb Stark would not let the most beautiful girl in the world be his prisoner without having a taste of her. He quickly closed the gap between them, grabbed her slender figure by the waist and lifted her up. She had more defined hips and breasts than Sansa, but was still light enough so he could just throw her onto the bed. She gasped in surprise.

He tried to slow himself down. He was not in a hurry, she couldn't go anywhere, and he wanted to enjoy this as long as possible. He started removing his clothes as she watched him fearfully from the bed. She still seemed to be cold, even though the sheets had dried her backside. Time to warm you up.

Robb climbed on the bed and sunk down on top of her. Their skins made contact, squishing the drops of water between them. He cupped her face and kissed Daenerys right on the lips.

She knew better than to resist, but there was no passion in the kiss. He could sense her fear. "Is that all, Daenerys Stormborn?", he whispered. "Fire and Blood, aren't those your words?"

She looked at him with confusion in her eyes. "What?"

It was the first time she spoke since her greeting. Robb smiled slyly. "I had expected some more fire from a Targaryen. Is Winter more powerful after all?"

He wrapped his hand around her neck and kissed her again, more demanding. Finally some life came into the silver-haired girl. He could feel her body tense underneath him and trying to push him off. Now we're talking.

He enjoyed her struggle and tightened the grip around her throat. She quickly panicked and halted her efforts again. This was not leading anywhere.

Robb let go of her and moved his hands deeper to force her legs apart. Then he grabbed his erect manhood and guided it into her snatch. She groaned and grimaced, but let it happen.

"If you manage to get on top of me, I'll leave you alone", Robb said with a mischievous smile and started thrusting inside. She took a few seconds, then finally started fighting back.

Immediately, she tried throwing him off with her extended hands, but lying on the bed, she could not get any force behind her attempts. Robb just laughed and pressed her harder into the sheets. He pinned both her arms down and leaned forward to drill into her. He knew, of course, that she had no way of overpowering him, but it was so much more fun when she actually struggled and didn't just lie there. He didn't have any qualms about raping her, he had heard about her fraud in Astapor and what she had done to the 163 masters in Meereen.

Robb could feel her arms writhing under his grip, and her whole body trying to escape him, but he rammed his cock mercilessly into her little cunt. Tears formed in her beautiful, purple eyes, but she was too proud to cry, so she just bit her lips and looked at him with hatred. Deciding it was time to switch things up a little, the Lord of Winterfell freed her arms. Immediately, she lunged at him, just to be pulled into a tight embrace and fucked even harder against the bed. Lifting himself up with one hand, holding the struggling Daenerys tight with the other, he got on his knees and turned, now facing the wall. He pressed the girl against it and continued thrusting inside her. Squished between the wall and Robb, she scratched his back with her nails, only arousing him more. He fucked her faster and deeper, and she moaned in pain, forgetting to fight back for a moment. He pulled out almost completely just to thrust in again and slam her body against the wall. Then he retreated from her and let her sink down onto the bed.

She reacted quickly, trying to lunge at him again. But of course he was quicker, grabbing her arms mid-movement and spinning her around. She cried out in pain and he slammed her face onto the bed. Not giving her time to react, he grabbed her butt and guided his cock into her tight asshole, ramming it in all the way. Her scream was ear-piercing, but muffled by the pillow. Pressing her silver head down with all force, he drilled her a few more times, feeling his climax quickly approaching.

He pulled out, grabbed her body and flipped it around in one quick movement, then, as the girl was still trying to catch her breath, moved up over her chest and sprayed his first loads of semen right onto her face. She got half of it in her mouth, and the next load landed right on her nose. She desperately tried to breathe as Robb sent more cum right into her open mouth. Another shot covered her left eye, then he decorated her silver-blonde hair. Slowly, the pressure ebbed away and the last few drops fell on her neck. Robb just sat there for a few moments while Daenerys swallowed a lot of his cum and finally managed to catch her breath.

Robb got up and pressed a kiss on her cum-free cheek. "I expect that much struggle every time I rape you from now on, Khaleesi", he whispered. "And I will have you whenever I want, until the day you are no longer beautiful."

With that, he got clothed again and left the room. Closing the door, Robb is met by his sweet sister Sansa, dressed in a beautiful light blue dress.

"Robb, Jon is here!" Sansa exclaimed, ecstatic.

"Jon? Why is he here?" Robb asked, surprised. He hadn't been expecting to see his half brother for a long time.

"Who cares! We're having dinner and your missing it. Come on!" Sansa giggled, pulling his arm. Robb loved how happy she was, so full of joy.

Does he go to dinner?

Dinner with Jon


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