Robb controls his desires

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No, no, no, this isn't right! Robb thought.

With all the willpower he could muster, Robb forced himself to kiss her forehead again instead of her mouth, then pulled her into a tight hug. "It's fine, Sansa", he whispered, and she nestled her head on his shoulders. Robb tried his best to just enjoy the warmth and closeness and ignore the images in his head of Sansa and him, naked and entwined on a bed, kissing and having sex.

Some things should stay fantasies, nothing more, Robb thought, I'll still have Cersei, the Targaryen girl and Margaery, that's more than any man could hope for.

After a while, he detached himself from his sister and kissed her cheek again. "Are you joining me for dinner?"

She smiled happily. "Yes."

Do they go to dinner?

Yes, they go to dinner

Robb changes his mind


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