Robb converts (Path Eight)

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Robb felt overwhelmed. Sansa...

He needed her. He wanted her. Not as his secret mistress, not for some quick kisses in the shadows - he wanted her by his side, sitting next to him in the Great Hall, he wanted to make love to her every evening in the Lord's chambers and wake up to her pretty smile. He wanted to put children in her belly, beautiful, auburn-haired Stark children. I've only ever loved one woman, he realized. My sister.

"Yes", he replied, his thoughts on his sister, "I will convert."

Melisandre smiled. "Good. I will make sure a Red Priest will come to Winterfell soon. Or maybe rather a priestess, now that I think of it..."

And suddenly, she turned around and had left the room before Robb could say anything else. He fell back onto the bed, trying to cool down after the sexual tension the Red Woman had just tortured him with. Despite the recent fun with Gilly, he felt like he hadn't had sex for a week. Apparently, the Red Priestess couldn't just ignite real flames...

He left his room and visited Sansa's. She was asleep, dressed in a beautiful silk nightgown. Robb simply closed the door behind him, removed his clothes, and joined her under the blanket. He held her close and spooned her, waking her in the process. She was alarmed at first,then Robb whispered into her ear "I need you." Sansa recognized the voice and smiled.

Sansa blushed and giggled as he immediately started kissing her, quickly undressing her and moving on to her breasts, her stomach, her thighs. When he kissed her between her legs, she was already wet and ready. "Oh, Robb", she sighed, and he didn't waste any time. He spread her legs and pressed into her, their lips connecting. It was a wild, hungry, passionate fuck, and Sansa surprised him by showing her wild, wolfish side. She wrapped her legs around his pelvis, scratched his back, bit his shoulders, and her moans... Gods, her moans were so beautiful to his ears.

"Harder, Robb", she whispered, and he obeyed, nearing his climax. She came, screaming into his mouth.

"I love you, Sansa", he said as he came, spending himself inside his little sister. The two collapsed, kissing each other and rolling in the bed.

Separating, he was on his back, Sansa on top of him, with her head on his chest, her auburn hair tickling him. Robb felt his own breath slowly synchronizing with the heaving of her chest. They lied there for a while, until even their heartbeats equalized. He lifted his hand to her head and stroked her hair, not getting any reaction. Sansa was asleep. Robb smiled and closed his eyes as well.

The next morning


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