Robb decides some mouthwork is needed (Proper)

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"Very well", Robb said. "Get on your knees."

He watched their shocked faces. "On... on our knees, milord?", Mira stammered.

"Yes." He got up and walked towards them. They both obeyed and knelt down. Gods, he loved the look of girls in pretty dresses kneeling. Their heads were at the perfect height, so he just stood in front of them, unbuttoned his pants and freed his manhood, earning two simultaneous gasps of shock. He stroked his cock a few times, bringing it quickly to full mast, then grabbed Mira's head.

"Milord, please, I'm the daughter of-", she started and tried to move her head back, but he held it tight and forced his shaft into her mouth. She made a gulping sound.

The girl had clearly no idea what to do, so Robb took charge, grabbed her head with both hands and moved it back and forth, causing her to gag slightly. After a few seconds, she seemed to get the hang of it. She learned how to move her jaw and her tongue, which made it more enjoyable for Robb. He started to go deeper, forcing the Forrester girl to quickly adapt and learn. She did surprisingly well, but eventually he reached her throat and she gagged, her head twitching under his strong hands, wanting to get away from him. He held her for a few seconds, watched her eyes popping out, saliva dripping out of her mouth.

Finally he released her. She immediately jerked back and coughed heavily, her spit still dripping out of her and on her dress. Robb moved over to Sera, who looked at him with an almost seductive smile. She's liking this, he thought.

He didn't have to force her. She put her hands on his hips and welcomed his cock in her mouth. He put his hands in her hair to guide her, but she did most of the work on her own. Like a trained whore, she transformed her mouth into a warm, wet cave of pleasure, using her tongue to create the exact right amount of friction. Robb put his head back and just enjoyed it. She was amazing, better, in fact, than anyone else who had given him head so far. Jeyne Poole was the only one coming close, and she trained on half the men in Winterfell.

It didn't take long until he felt his climax approaching. He allowed the girl a last lick, then pulled out just in time to release thick loads of semen right on her face. He sent a few loads towards Mira's face, then sprayed more on their necks and the front of their dresses, some of it sticking to the fabric, some running down between their breasts.

He let Sera lick the last few drops from the tip of his penis, then buttoned his pants again. "Good work, girls. That will be all for now."

They nodded, stood up, and left, leaving Robb alone. Exhausted, her climbed into bed and fell asleep. His dreams shift to his sweet sister. She is in his room, wearing nothing but a nightgown, her nipples visible through the cloth.

Does Robb explore his dream?

No, Robb wakes up

Of course he does!


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