Robb gives in to his desires

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This isn't right, this isn't right, I shouldn't do this... Robb thought. But even as he was thinking this, Robb caught himself kissing Sansa again, more demandingly. His love for his sweet, sad sister was gradually turning into lust for her slender, pale body. He moved his hands over her back, enjoying the arch, then further down on her small round butt. She let out a small gasp. Without noticing it, Robb had pushed her towards the bed.

Suddenly she hit against it with the hollows of her knees and tumbled backwards, pulling Robb with her. She landed on the soft blanket, her brother on top of her, still locked in a kiss. Robb supported himself on his knees and grabbed his sister, pulling her forward so she rested fully on the bed. Then he continued his affections, but was quickly interrupted. Sansa was panting heavily.

"Robb... what are you doing?"

"I love you, Sansa." She smiled, that same lovely, shy smile she had always had. What a perfect girl she is... Robb thought.

"I love you too, Robb, but... you're my brother... what if mother finds out, what if someone-"

Robb didn't let her finish, but kissed her again. "I love you."

This time she didn't object. Robb felt her body melting under his kisses. He caressed her cheeks, her hair, that beautiful, soft, flowing waterfall of auburn gold - gods, he loved her hair!

Before he realized what he was doing, he had put his hand on her chest, fondling it through the silken dress. She moaned slightly. "Oh, Robb..."

Robb let go of her breast again and grabbed her dress around the waist while still kissing her. He pulled it upwards a few inches, grabbed it further down and pulled again, slowly moving it up over her knees, then over her hips. Overtaken by lust, he just grabbed her smallclothes and ripped them off her body. Sansa let out a little shriek.

Finally, Robb could feel her naked legs, flawless and smooth and warm. He moved his right hand towards her thighs and cupped her face again with his left. She eagerly returned his kisses and trembled under his affections. Still without looking, Robb undid his pants and pulled them down enough to free his throbbing manood. It immediately sprang forward, right onto Sansa's slit.

She squealed.

With all the discipline he could muster, Robb moved his hand up her thighs instead of going right in. He reached her pussy, earning another gasp. He rubbed it, then stuck a finger in, and soon a second. Sansa lost all composure and was just lying there, surrendering herself to the feeling between her legs, her mouth slightly open, her eyes closed and tears running down her cheeks. Robb couldn't wait any longer. She was wet as fresh snow in Winterfell. He grabbed his cock and put it in.

Sansa cried out. Robb was in control.

How does he fuck his sister?




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