Robb gives in to his desires (Arya)

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This isn't right, this isn't right, I shouldn't do this... Robb thought.

But even as he was thinking this, Robb caught himself kissing Sansa again, more demandingly. His love for his sweet, sad sister was gradually turning into lust for her slender, pale body. He moved his hands over her back, enjoying the arch, then further down on her small round butt. She let out a small gasp. Without noticing it, Robb had pushed her towards the bed. Arya was still in shcok

Suddenly she hit against it with the hollows of her knees and tumbled backwards, pulling Robb with her. She landed on the soft blanket, her brother on top of her, still locked in a kiss. Robb supported himself on his knees and grabbed his sister, pulling her forward so she rested fully on the bed. Then he continued his affections, but was quickly interrupted. Sansa was panting heavily.

"Robb... what are you doing?"

"I love you, Sansa."

She smiled, that same lovely, shy smile she had always had. What a perfect girl she is... Robb thought.

"I love you too," Sansa whispered.

"What about me," Arya added, crawling onto the bed. Smiling, Robb embraced her in a deep, passionate kiss.

"Of course I love you too," He adds, looking at both of his sisters, "I love you both."

Smiling, Sansa began to make out with her sister, the two former rivals melting in each other's arms. Robb took this time to peel of his jerking, leaving him shirtless. The two sister's were busy taking locking lips and taking off their clothes. Sansa's dress was pulled down, revealing her pale breasts. Arya latched on to the left one, suckling on it like a babe. Sansa moaned, but was cut short by Robb taking her mouth in his. Robb knew he was in love, exploring her mouth with his tongue. As he did so, he undid Arya's shirt, letting it fall. She pulled off her pants as well, revealing her lack of smallclothes.

Sansa and Robb attacked her nude body, kissing her face, her lips, her neck, her breasts, her back. Sansa got on all fours and pressed her lips against Arya's most private region, eliciting a gentle moan from the Stark. Robb walked around Sansa and pulled the rest of Sansa's dress down, leaving her in only her smallclothes. These Robb ripped off, hungry for his sister.

Sansa squealed into Arya's pussy as her smallclothes were ripped off, the sound vibrating through Arya. Robb pulled his pants off, his erect dick coming lose and poking Sansa in the ass.

"Are you a virgin?" Robb asked, lining his cock up with her pussy. She nodded her head. "And you, Arya."

Dropping her eyes, Arya shook her head, a tear welling in her eyes, then slowly running down her cheek. From looking at her, Robb could tell the experience hadn't been consensual (Flashback to Arya's First Time (Arya's POV)). Sansa rose and kissed the tear off he cheeck.

"Don't worry," Sansa comforted her, kissing her lips, "That's all over."

Meanwhile, Robb contemplated how he was going to take his sisters.

How does he fuck his sisters?

Robb takes Sansa while Sansa eats out Arya

Robb does them both doggystyle


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