Robb just makes her a bit uncomfortable (Afternoon)

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Robb slowly strolled towards her, enjoying the fear in her eyes. He came to a halt in front of her and explored her body thoroughly with his gaze. He felt his cock harden, but he controlled himself and just put his hands on her breasts, caressing them softly, then pinching her nipples. She trembled.

He let his hands glide further down, enjoying the shape of her slim waist, the curves of her hips, her firm butt. He couldn't resist and gave her a hard slap on the right butt cheek. She winced and cried out.

Robb was so close to her now, he leaned in as if he wanted to kiss her, but stopped just shy of her face and took in the scent of her silver hair. Then he leaned down and kissed a single water droplet from her shoulder blade.

Suddenly, he retreated back to an appropriate distance. "You are very beautiful, Daenerys", he said, smiling slyly at her.

She gulped, then opened her mouth. "I will become your wife if that is what you want", she said, trying to sound confident but with clear anxiety in her voice.

Robb just smirked. That was just what he needed - her offering it instead of him having to demand it. Now he had her consent without having to commit already. He cupped her face and stroked a strand of her pretty hair with his thumb, then abruptly let go of her, turned around and left the room.

Closing the door, Robb is met by his sweet sister Sansa, dressed in a beautiful light blue dress.

"Robb, Jon is here!" Sansa exclaimed, ecstatic.

"Jon? Why is he here?" Robb asked, surprised. He hadn't been expecting to see his half brother for a long time.

"Who cares! We're having dinner and your missing it. Come on!" Sansa giggled, pulling his arm. Robb loved how happy she was, so full of joy.

Does he go to dinner?

Dinner with Jon


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