Robb needs some convincing (Path Four)

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Robb couldn't think clearly, he was overwhelmed by her beauty and the aura of sensuality that surrounded her. She was so close, bending over him, touching his chest, her full breasts right before his eyes...

"But maybe it isn't just Sansa. You like to enjoy the pleasures of many women, do you not? I can promise you something no girl has ever given you."

With that, she sat down on his lap, took his hand and guided it under her robes, right to her breast. It was wonderfully tight and full at the same time. He felt her nipple, hard, small and perfect. Damn.

"Is that enough to convert you, Robb Stark?"

"Maybe", he replied, grinning. While he kept a cool composure, he needed this woman, now. Something about her was so absurdly sexual, she had the voice, the mature demeanor, and the confidence of a 30 year old, yet her skin was smooth and flawless like that of a 14 year old, her breasts firm like Sansa's and full like Cersei's, her hair was beautiful and full and amazing...

"Well, I guess I'll have to convince you," She said as she pushed him back onto the bed. He just watched in amazement as she undid her robes and revealed her perfect body. She was a goddess. Perfect curves, not an ounce of unnecessary fat, hips to die for, and that perfect, pale skin - she seemed like the perfect woman in that moment. And all around her was that red glow, not tangible enough to be sure there was actually something visual or if he was just imagining things.

Naked and perfect, she removed his clothes as well. Robb's manhood was hard as iron, but she didn't even seem to acknowledge its size (something Robb took great pride in). Almost every girl he had had so far had been worried about taking his full length, but she just climbed on top of him and lowered her body onto his cock. As he entered her, pure bliss and lust and fire filled his mind, and immediately he was fully inside her, without so much as a moan from the priestess.

Robb just enjoyed it. She rode him the way she wanted, let his hands fondle her breasts, never looking at him but always staring in the air. Robb fought with himself not to completely lose control. He grabbed her ass and slammed her down onto his cock, trying to force her into a new rhythm. She complied, but he knew he could never really subdue her like Sansa. Melisandre was merely allowing him to take control, and she could stop it whenever she wanted.

Still, he wanted to manhandle her a bit at least. With a quick move, he grabbed her and rolled them both around. She seemed mildly surprised, suddenly lying on her back, but didn't react. Robb, pressed her legs further apart and drilled inside her, feeling like he would never, ever get enough of this woman. Still she didn't seem to feel sexual pleasure in the same way other women did, but at least her breathing was faster now, and she even gave him a seductive smile. Encouraged, the Young Wolf kissed her right on the mouth, something that felt brazen and daring, even though he was drilling her cunt at the same time. A kiss was just so personal and felt out of place with the red woman, who was so distant usually. Still, she allowed it. Robb moved to her breasts, kissed them long and thoroughly, then her neck and her shoulders. The pleasure taking place between her legs was spreading through her whole body, and finally he heard a soft moan from her. Was she faking it? Maybe. He didn't care. He was surprised he even lasted that long.

He rammed his cock deep inside her, feeling like he had already surpassed the amount of pleasure sex would usually be able to give him and still getting more with every thrust. The longer he could sustain this, the more he would get out of it. Once again he felt like Melisandre was completely in charge, somehow capable of controlling what he felt, and rewarding him for hard work. It didn't matter. He needed every second in that sweet cunt that he could get, every moment of fondling her breasts, every instant of holding this perfect body in his hands, of looking into those deep, mysterious eyes, of being so close to this eldritch being in the shape of a woman.

Robb didn't even realize when he came. He must have filled her up with his seed, the next thing he remembered was lying on his back, exhausted, thrilled, ecstatic, spent - and the Red Woman just donning her robe again.

"Have you reconsidered my offer," she asked, covering her breasts again with her robe.

What does Robb say?

Robb gives in and converts

Robb can't bring himself to convert


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