Robb takes Sansa while Sansa eats out Arya

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"Sansa, lay on your back," Robb instructed. She nodded, spinning around and laying on her back. She spread her legs, eager and nervous. Arya let Sansa's head rest on her crotch, stroking her hair.

Robb lined up his cock with her entrance and pushed in slowly. He eventually made contact with her hymen. Thinking it would be less painful to do it quickly, he thrust in, popping her cherry. She cried out in pain, but was soothed by Arya. Robb stayed still for a moment, letting her adjust, then started to move in and out. At first it hurt, but little by little Sansa began to feel pleasure. Robb leaned down and kissed her, comforting her. He also gave Arya a kiss, running his tongue inside her mouth.

She let out a little moan as Robb moved faster. He also was getting deeper, fitting more and more of his cock inside of her.

"See if you can handle this," Arya joked, kneeling over Sansa. Her pussy was right over the redheads face. Eager to pleas, Sansa began to lick Arya's pussy, with a ferocity that surprised Arya. Sansa plunged her tongue in and out, matching Robb's thrusts.

Robb was turned on by this, and rammed into Sansa even faster. He was now getting balls deep in her tight snatch, his balls slapping her ass. Arya's lips smashed into him as she aggressively made out with him. Robb explored his little sister with his lips, kissing down her neck and focusing on her breasts.

"I'M CUMMING," Arya screamed, filling Sansa's waiting mouth with juices. Sansa came with her, and the two girls squirmed in ecstasy. Robb was a lucky man.

Without warning, Robb erupted into Sansa's unprotected womb. He didn't care. He was in heaven. His cum filled her to the brim, some even leaking out. He pulled out and collapsed onto the bed next to his sisters. Equally tired, the Stark girls cuddled up on either side of him, Arya to his right and Sansa to his left. They just layed their, panting heavily, for a few moments. Then Sansa turned her head toward him to give him a look of pure, unadulterated love. He smiled and kissed her.

"I love you," Robb whispered, still gasping for air, "Both of you."

"I love you too," Sansa replied, before kissing him again.

"Same here," Arya added, cuddling next to him. The three of them fell asleep like that, drifting into a dreamless, blissful sleep.

Are they found by anyone?

They are found (Arya)

Nobody finds them (Arya)

Sansa wakes him up (Arya).

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