Robb walks in (Hesitant)

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The man who walked in was Robb Stark, Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North. When he walked in, he was greeted with the sight of Arya mouth over Melisandre's beautiful pussy. He was both surprised and aroused by his sister's current state of dress.

"Robb?" Arya asked, standing up and covering herself with her hands. Melisandre chuckled and stood up as well.

"I sent one of my apprentices to his chambers. I assume you got the message, my lord?"

Robb nodded. "I am willing to do whatever I need to help complete Arya's training." Arya could see his cock straining against his pants.

Melisandre walked behind Arya and began to kiss her neck, sucking on her young flesh. "Why hide from your brother, my princess. Remember what I told you. We are as R'hllor made us." Nodding, Arya dropped her hands to her sides, revealing her nude body. Robb took in her amazing body, her small breasts and shaved pussy.

"Arya your... beautiful," Robb commented. Arya blushed and stared at her feet. All of a sudden, Robb was next to her, taking her face in his hands and bring her in for a deep, passionate kiss. Arya pressed her body against her brothers, feeling his hard on press against her. The two siblings made out, exploring each others mouths. After a couple minutes, Melisandre seperated them.

"Arya, lie on your back," She commanded her student, who obeyed. She then turned to Robb and stroked his penis through his pants. "And you, lose the pants."

Robb nodded, unlacing his breeches and pulling them down, exposing his hard cock. "Impressive," Melisandre noted, stroking it, "Are you ready to serve the Lord of Light?" Melisandre asked Arya. She nodded, spreading her legs.

Grabbing his sister's ass, Robb moved Arya's butt to the edge of the bed.

"Ready?" Robb asked. Arya nodded. Lining up his cock, he plunged in, thrusting into his sibling. She gasped at the sudden intrusion, then moaning from the pleasure that ensued. Robb began to move back and forth, much to Arya;s delight.

"Good," Melisandre encouraged, walking around the bed, "Feel his cock inside of you. Your pleasure is the Lord's pleasure tonight."

Arya gripped the sheets as Robb sped up, thursing in and out of his baby sister. He squeezed her budding breasts, using them as leverage so he could slam into her harder and deeper.

"Remember what I have taught you," Melisandre said as she climbed onto the bed. "Surprise me." With that she mounted Arya's face, her cunt right above Arya's lips. Arya gets to work immediately, licking and sucking the Red Woman's vagina. The scene in front of him turns Robb on even more, making him fuck Arya faster. Her rams his full length into his sister as Arya devours Melisandre's pussy.

Leaning foward, Melisandre captures Robb's lips, making out with the King in the North. Robb slipped his tongue into the Red Woman, still fucking Arya as hard as he could. Arya moaned, sending vibrations into her teacher's pussy. The Red Woman withdrew from the kiss to let out a moan.

"This is not the first sibling you've fucked today, has it?" Melisandre asked. Robb was shocked, but shook his head. Arya was surprised too, but also turned on. She imagined her perfect sister getting railed by Robb, just like she was, and attacked Melisandre's cunt with renewed vigor. She ran her tongue up and down her slit, sucking on her clit when she reached the top.

"The Lord of Light does not judge those who extend their love for their siblings to the bedroom," Melisandre continued, "For all love is a gift from R'hllor." Smiling, she offered her breasts to the northern lord. Robb readily latched on to the soft flesh, sucking on her right nipple.

Arya could feel her orgasm approaching, and began to thrust back into Robb. Melisandre noticed this and began to recite a prayer.

"Lord of Light, Come to us in our darkness."

Arya squealed as she came, coating her brother's cock in her juices.

"I offer you this girl, to be trained in your light."

Robb grunted as he came, filling his sister with his cum. The cum felt warm in the northern girl's pussy and she writhed in pleasure.

Take her and cast your light upon her. For the night is dark and full of terrors." As she finished the prayer, Melisandre reaches her climax, squirting her juices into her students waiting mouth. The liquid is warm, hot even, and Arya greedily drinks it.

The three of them are still for a moment, trying to catch their breath. Melisandre nods to Robb, who understands, pulling up his pants and taking his leave. Melisandre dismounts Arya and gets off the bed, grabbing her glass of wine and taking a sip.

"He came in me," Arya said, worried, "Will I get pregnant?"

"Don't worry, my princess," The Red Woman replied, "The Lord of Light has plans for you. You will not get pregnant tonight. Now go to sleep, my princess. You have done well, but there is still much for you to learn." With that, Melisandre, still naked, exited the room. Exhausted, Arya closes her eyes and goes to sleep, the feeling of Robb's cum still inside of her.

The next morning

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