Romantic Rival - The Redneck Decides to Fuck Her On the Road

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Condition Panicked and in Bondage in Public Apparel and Items: Ball Gag, Handcuffed (thumbs, hands, and ankles), Tight Nipple Clamps, Dildo (in Rectum), Motion-Active Egg Vibrator
Day, Time Friday, about 10 o'clock pm
Need to Bathroom Slight
Level of Humiliation Humiliated

While she had been distracted wallowing in her misery she failed to notice him fishing his erect cock out. That was, until he slammed in right into her pussy causing her to squeak in a mix of shock and pain. Unfortunately though, for her, this only seemed to encourage him and he started trusting in and out of her quickly dampening cunt. She tried to scream but gave up as she realized that their was now one to hear her and, even if there was then they wouldn't help. 'Can this get any worse?' Katie wondered to herself but just then, almost as if he had heard her thoughts the man reached forwards and started to violently squeeze her boobs and tightened her nipple clamps even more causing herself to scream her self raw.

He then, to her surprise, pulled out of her hole, turned her around and pushed her down on the ground. Katie looked up at him in surprise only to get splattered in the face with his cum, before he mover downwards covering her boobs, chest and pussy with his juces. Katie closed her eyes hoping agest hope that it was over, it wan't. He pulled her up turned her back round, which sent her hopes plummeting again; only to rise as he pulled the dildo out of her ass. She was about to try and thank him, (Which is easier said than done when you have a gag in your mouth.) before he slammed him cock right into her ass. He pounded her but slapping it at the same time. She couldn't help herself, she was horny and it felt soo good. She moaned into her gag. "Yeah," he said, "you like that don't you bitch." This time though he didn't pull out of her ass and came right in it before roughly shoving the dildo back into her ass making her yelp again.

Work in Progress!!!!

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