Run to the boys

From Create Your Own Story

In fear and rage, you run to the boys. One of them notices you and says, "Hey, isn't that naked chick there one of our cheerleaders?"

Another one respond, "Yeah, you're right. Man, she looks hot."

When you are about to grab your clothes, two of the boys grab your arms. The third one grabs his camera and says, "Our peeps are gonna love these pics." He takes ten pictures, grabs your clothes, and throws them in the water. The two boys let you go and you run to your wet clothes. By the time you get them out of the water, the boys are already gone. You sigh and go to home to change.

When you to school in new clothes, you notice that that all the boys whistle at you. You don't understand it till you go to your locker. On it are the nude photos of you.

What do you do?

Status Bar
Health 100 Equipment:

Clothes, Make-up, Cheerleader outfit

Status {{{Status}}}
Gender Female
Social Group Cheerleader
Boyfriend/Girlfriend none
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