Sansa is his alone (Path Two)

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The thought aroused him, but he was not drunk enough to succumb to his primitive desires. No, he loved his Sansa too much, he didn't want to degrade her like that. What they had was beautiful, he didn't want to destroy it. He carefully took Sansa's straying hands and held them tightly, earning a lovely drunk smile from her. The others soon got tired and excused themselves. Arya took Jon's hand and led him to her chambers, a hungry look in her eye.

Soon, Robb and Sansa had the room to themselves. Robb got up and led his sister outside onto the balcony, overlooking a sleeping King's Landing and a beautiful night sky. It wasn't quite as amazing as Winterfell, but even here in the big city the magic of the stars could be felt. He looked at Sansa in her beautiful blue dress and her elegant hairdo, and he just grabbed her waist full of desire and kissed her long and lovingly. She giggled as he let go of her, then rested her head on his shoulder. "I love you, Robb", she whispered. How good it was to see her that happy and unburdened!

"I love you too, Sansa", he answered and kissed her head.

With that, they retired to their bedrooms and drifted to sleep.

The next morning


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