Sansa wakes him up

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Still hazy from sleep, Robb slowly regains consciousness.

How long was I out? He thought, blinking a few times to try and clear his foggy vision. And what is that...that amazing feeling?

Robb looks down and is greeted with the sight of his sister Sansa sucking his dick, her head bobbing up and down on his shaft.

"This is some way to wake up," Robb greets his sibling, running a hand through her beautiful auburn hair.

Taking his dick out of her mouth, Sansa said "You were hard and I thought you might like if I, well, sucked it." She was obviously a little nervous.

"Well, I don't think it's fair for me to get all the lovin'. Let me get a taste." Sansa smiled, before positioning herself over you in a 69 position, with Sansa on top. Her beautiful pussy is right above his head, and he can see that she is dripping wet. One drop falls on his lips, and Robb can literally taste her arousal.

Grabbing her ass with his hands, Robb pulls her lips to his face and dives his tongue in. He savors every inch of his sister's cunt, eagerly licking up her juices. Sansa moans, before noticing she has her own job to do. In one motion she takes half his cock in her mouth. Robb groans into her pussy, which only increases Sansa's pleasure.

If anyone had walked in, they would have been treated to quite the sight. Robb had his head buried between his sister's legs, sucking in her clit and diving his tongue in and out of her snatch. Sansa was taking more and more of her brother into her mouth, every so often sucking on his balls and licking the tip. After a couple of minutes, Sansa finally deepthroated all of him, her nose touching his balls.

This drove Robb over the edge as he held his sister's head down and came down her throat. He grunted as he sent wave and wave of his sperm directly into her belly.

The feeling of Robb's cum running down her throat made Sansa climax as well. She squealed as she came, covering Robb's mouth with her juices. After their orgasm's subsided, both siblings collapsed onto each other. Sansa pulled her mouth off her brother's deflating cock and took a gasp of air. Smiling, Robb lovingly stroked his sister's hair.

"I love you Robb," Sansa gasps, cuddling her brother.

"I love you too," Robb replied, then gave her an affectionate kiss on her pussy "And we'll always be close." Sansa smiled at that.

They proceeded to untangle themselves and get dressed. Once they looked proper, they left the room. In the halls of the Red Keep they came across Mira Forrester, who informed them that Lady Melisandre, the King's red priestess, had invited them to join her for dinner.

Do they accept her invitation?


No, they decline her offer


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