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1st September 2015

Text Message

8:30 James:

You done yet?

9:15 Isabella has sent three images


9:16 Amazing pics, sexy :*

9:16 Your body is hot, you got a price?

"Isabella who is James?" Ferb asked as Isabella sat on the couch.


"I asked who is James? The guys you sent pictures to." Ferb showed Isabella his phone so that she could see the screenshot.

"How did you get that?!!"

"I'm only gonna ask one more time, WHO is James?"

"He's a photographer. He was looking for a model and I need money."

"So you thought about nude modelling. What would Phineas think? His girlfriend stripping for random men."

Isabella's eyes widened. "Please don't tell him!"

Should Ferb let her off lightly?

You'll need to do something for me

Just this once

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