Screw it! Today is WAY too hot to stand on principles!

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked & Relaxing

You titter as you grab your drink, and head out the sliding glass door. Outside, you feel a tingle on your skin as the sea breeze hits it. You're naked outdoors! How exciting!

You slide the door almost shut, careful not to have it lock. You scamper down the half flight of stairs from your deck to the grass below, your breasts jiggling with each step.

You look for the shadiest part of the yard. Your eyes fall on your hammock, slung between a wooden beam supporting your deck and your air conditioner. You bounce over to it, and, placing your drink on top of the air conditioner, your carefully get into it.

You feel the breeze play across your skin. You take your drink and run the cold glass over your more sensitive areas.

On the other side of the fence, you hear some guys talking in their hot tub. You thrill at the fact of being naked a few feet away from them and no one the wiser.

You start running your hands across your skin when you hear the gate to your backyard on the other side of the deck being unlocked!

Oh no! Someone is coming!

You try to:

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