Shake your butt at him

From Create Your Own Story

You shake your sexy ass at him. He likes what he sees and sticks his ENORMOUS MUSCULAR dick up your ass. It fills you up like you've never felt before, and you gasp and gag a little with the force of it. Moose doesn't seem to notice you're struggling to contain him, and breaks into a furious rhythm of pounding that you can barely brace yourself against. As you feel your own cock hardening under the furious pounding the muscular blond is giving you, you hear him grunt, and groan, and then with a final rough thrust, his seed fills your gut with a hot burst.

It's too much - you reach for your own cock and jerk furiously, spraying your own cum all over the floor of the back room.

Moose pulls out, and chuckles. "Gee, thanks Archie. Guess I needed that."

"Me too," you say, and then the two of you try to get the place - and yourselves - cleaned back up before Pops returns.

The End.

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