She needs to be Spanked

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Robb looked at her with a sigh. "You acted very stupid, Sansa, you know that."

Immediately she started crying again. "I'm- I'm sorry, Robb."

He caressed her cheek. "Everyone makes mistakes, but I think you deserve a little punishment."

She looked up with big eyes, obviously scared. Robb smiled. "Don't worry. A little spanking should be appropriate."

He led her to the bed and she kneeled down in front of it. "Good girl", Robb whispered and pressed her upper body forwards onto the bed. He grabbed her skirts and lifted them up, revealing a wonderfully-shaped, small, pert backside. She really has grown up...

Robb took her smallclothes and pulled them down to expose his sister's white, flawless butt. Her snatch was barely visible, but he got a nice view of her tiny asshole. He was almost worried how much that aroused him.

Robb hauled off and let his hand fly towards her right butt cheek. A loud slap, a cry from Sansa. Why is this so satisfying?

He placed another slap on her ass, this time harder. She screamed. Robb could see a dark discoloration on her white skin. He struck again. This time, Sansa muffled her scream in the blanket.

It took four more slaps for Robb to realize that her cries had started to sound different. It wasn't just pain now, it was... arousal? Could it be his sister liked being spanked?

He placed another hard slap right between her cheeks, hitting her girl parts. This time there was no doubt. She winced, cried out, and her leg muscles contracted. Another hit right on the target. Then her left cheek. Her right cheek.

Just as he slapped her cunt again, the unthinkable happened. All her muscles contracted, she squirmed on the bed, pressed her legs together, and a tiny amount of clear liquid left her snatch. She just came from being spanked, Robb thought with a mixture of disbelief and arousal.

He stopped and looked at this sister. She turned her head, surprised by the absence of spanking. "You liked that, Sansa, didn't you?"

She turned scarlet red and let out an unintelligible sound.

Robb caressed her exposed ass. "You like being spanked, Sansa?"

It was clear she wanted the ground to swallow her up right there. "I... I just like... when you dominate me like that."

Robb opened his mouth in disbelief. His sweet sister Sansa liked being manhandled? "Do you now?"

She managed to blush even more. "Sometimes I have dreamt about being a servant girl you took advantage of and tied up in your bed... and you could do anything to me, and I was powerless..."

Robb couldn't believe his ears. "I thought you dreamt about being a princess, being treated with respect and love, and all that?"

Sansa was still bending over the bed. "That too... but sometimes I got this feeling between my legs, and then I always wanted to be your property, being used whenever you wanted."

Robb can't believe this! What does he do?

Fulfill her Fantasy

More Punishment


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