Show Moose your penis

From Create Your Own Story

You stroke your long hard cock in front of Moose. he likes what he sees and immediately goes down on you. you love how forceful he is. He pushes you right down on the floor and starts sucking your dick. The feeling is so intense you begin to writhe in pleasure. You let out a moan so loud you're worried someone might hear. Moose keeps going on and starts sucking harder and harder. He's eventually going at it with vaccum like suction. How can he possibly be so good at this. You never would have thought he was gay. He sucks you longer and harder and you start moaning more and more.

Then all of a sudden you blow your load. You cum all over Moose's adorable face and he sucks out every last drop of your jizz. That was amazing you say to yourself as you watch Moose pull up his pants and walk out of the diner. You'll have to do this again sometime.


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