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You pull down your pants to reveal your monster cock and balls, the dragon girl nurse covers her mouth in shock but the female nurse doesn't seem so surprised. The doctor nods her head and says "Ah I see you woke up one day to find your junk all huge, don't worry there is nothing to worry about if fact you're quite lucky medically speaking." You look at her confused as she walks forward and puts one hand around your dick and starts slowly rubbing. she looks you straight in the eye and says "You see in this world there are human and fur folk, if a human and a human have a child it will be human. If two fur folk have a child the species will whatever the mother was, but if a fur folk and a human have a child the child will aways be a fur folk." The doctor then gets on her knees in front of your dick and starts jerking you off faster while using her other hand to massage your nuts. She starts talking again "Now the human population would surely be wiped out if this was all there was to reproduction but nature has an answer, the breeder gene." The doctor kisses the head of your dick and you can see the dragon girl nurse is clearly masturbating. The doctor continues her speech "If you possess the breeder gene at a certain age certain features will grow immensely, you will develop immense virility and stamina, and any child you have will be human regardless if the mate is a furfolk or human. Better yet you can have sex with anyone you please due to the Population Preservation Act which states any sexual act by endangered species are totally legal." She stops jerking you off and rips open her shirt to reveal her massive breasts, she looks you dead in the eye and you can feel her breath on your cock and says "wanna make some babies?"

Furry Status
Health 100 Equipment:

street clothes Huge Breeder Cock

Gender X
Species Human
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