Sneak into the movie theater and watch a movie

From Create Your Own Story

Naked and adventurous

You decide to take the safest option, which is the movie theatre. It's dark, indoors, and people watching a movie are only looking in one direction.

The cinema is the biggest building on the pier. It's right next to the car park and is the full width of the pier; you have to go inside the cinema and out the other side to reach the rest of the amenities. You do have enough money for a ticket; thankfully you're wearing a wrist wallet, which is a black sweat band covering your left wrist which contains a small zip-up pocket containing your money for the day. However there's no realistic way you're walking in the front door and buying a ticket without being spotted.

However, you were mischievous as a teenager, and you and your friends had sneaked into the building on a couple of occasions. There's a back door leading into the car park which you know how to jimmy open.

Which option are you going to take?

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