Sorry, Private Party

From Create Your Own Story

Reggie party withdraws quickly and turns around to face him. "Get bent buster"

The man rubs his cock and grumbles as he heads back to the Body-builders.

"Where were we Red?" he smirks, then slips his cock deep inside of your waiting ass. Pumping harder and faster than before he tears into your ass, you suddely feel his cock stiffen. He pulls out and sprays a massive string of cum across your chest.

Reggie licks the pre-cum off of the dripping head of your dick. He then swallows your whole cock and starts sucking the rest of your load out of your sensitive tool. You shudder and then collapse next to Reggie where you lie exhausted for what seems like an eternity of bliss. He leans over you and plants a passionate kiss upon your lips. You return the kiss with equal passion. Reggie pulls his speedo back on and helps your on too, carrying you in his strong arms he takes you back to his place for some more fun


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