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! to "Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!"
"Hack into the schools camera network to see were Gretchen is&quo… to "I got a fantasy about a delivery guy and his truck."
"I got a fantasy about taking a delivery in an alley." to "Marcus, eh? Why am i here?"
"Master Tom, I would like you to 69 with me." to "Sorry babe. Training's serious work."
"Sorry guy, I didn't see you." to "Whoa, whoa, whoa, fugitive? I can explain..."
"Whose in the shower?" to (112)
(113) to (82)
(825) to (Michael) ...Tell Tabby just some sex play is fine
(Michael) ...Tell Tricia snuggling is a fine idea to +Infinity/Not yet
+Infinity/Nothing to -into the iCarly producer's ass
-into the iCarly producer's pussy to 10cm kurzen Minipenis
10cm kurzen unglaublich fetten Penis to 26 year old Policeman- Fuck comatose Rosa again (bed)
26 year old Policeman- Fuck comatose Rosa again (couch) to 2T4U/Wake up Melony
2T4U/Wake up your little sister Missy to 69 with Odetta
69 with Susan to AIF Alice tub vagina
AIF All together to ANH: Give Luke a handjob
ANH: Give her a facial to AOTC: Padmé Amidala 3rd: Discussing with Cordé
AOTC: Padmé Amidala 3rd: Royal Cruiser to A Day in Winterfell (Path Seven)
A Day in Winterfell (Path Six) to A Superhero Adventure: Just keep sleeping
A Superhero Adventure: Man/Space to A ceramic figurine buried with the dead
A chair in the corner of the bar to A middle aged woman, wife and mother of a son and a daughter
A midnight visitor (Path Four) to Abandon the salesgirl to the amorous dog
Abandon the salesgirl to the amorous dogs to Activate self destruct
Activate the cobra? to Advanced Monsters & Mazes: Templar's Ball- begin playing
Advanced Monsters & Mazes: Templar's Ball- look at Amy to Agree that he deserves a chance to make out with you
Agree that her feet have satisfied you to Alice meets her roommate
Alice opens the door naked to Amelia
Amelia-Planning to Andrew again
Andrew get's his cock sucked to Another Story Of Another Random Person/ Take The Puppy Home
Another Story Of Another Random Person/ Throw A Ball And See What The … to Approach jenni at her studying desk
Approach one of the girls to Argue about the case he slept with Jessica before and not you
Argue the call to Ask Annabelle to arm-wrestle you
Ask Annabelle to go to dinner with you to Ask Miss Glenda where the changing room is
Ask Miss Muffet what she wants to Ask for the bottom cock
Ask for the combination to Ask him to help you try on shoes
Ask him to jack you off to Ask the blonde to suck your fishy dick
Ask the blonde to take a ride with you to Ask the tiger what "magical properties" Joojoo has
Ask the tiger what "magical properties" Joojoo has. to Assassinate a politician
Assassinate him after the performance to Attempt to break out of the classroom
Attempt to break the Sven's arm to BA: "Okay"
BA: "Okay, sorry" to Babysitter for hire
Babysitting your asshole of a brother. to Battleship: Flee
Battleship: Tell her the truth to Beg Pop for forgiveness
Beg Satan for forgiveness to Between Fiona's tits
Between Lucinda's tits to Blackmail/Maid - Fuck this, try to beat them up
Blackmail/Maid - Go find his Playboys to Blow a load all over the guard's foot
Blow a load at Dr. Harm to Boy; Jaden Strider
Boy? to Bros Before Hoes---Mataki
Brothel to By casually walking out
By flushing yourself down the toilet to CYS: bury Fred
CYS: check bathroom to Call the police.
Call the police. What? It's their job! to Carry the naked Dào-míng into her bedroom so you can do her in her b…
Carry the passed-out drunk black woman to her home, if you can find wh… to Cersei notices Bran (Sansa)
Cersei notices Bran (SansaDom) to Chastity belt with buttplug - Furry World
Chastity belt with urethral plug and ball stretcher - Furry World to Check yourself out of the hospital
Checked out some loose ends on something about a prick kid trying to c… to Choose your own Naruto Adventure- Go to P535
Choose your own Naruto Adventure- Go to P536 to Clean her up?
Clean her with her duster to Close Both Doors
Close Nina's fridge to College Girls / A difficult to find book on the subject
College Girls / Act like a human being and dispose of the condom to ComplexionC
Complie - suck to Continue playing innocent?
Continue playing this game with the elf, and tell her what you plan to… to Convince her that you're better off going together than each alone.
Convince her that you're someone else to Cram it up the girl's fucking pussy
Cram that large dildo into your pussy to Cum in Kimmie's hand
Cum in Mandy's mouth to D&D: (Captain) (Pussy) Inside
D&D: (Captain) (Pussy) Outside to D&D: Get attacked by more zombies
D&D: Get closer to one and let them fuck you right there to D&D: Test the wand on the zombies and see what happens
D&D: The Crimson Dame to D&D: You walk into the alley and enter the sewer
D&D: You walk into town and take the long path to your master's to… to DIM Explore the island
DIM Fishing to Dead-End Alley
Dead. to Decline the star's offer
Decline the wager and leave the arcade to Dick Rachel on the grass
Dick Rosetta's ass while her head is under your bed to Dirty Me/Time to go to the food court
Dirty Me/Time to hit the mall to Do it. Throw her on the ground. Take her.
Do it doggie style to Doll House: Go look for the others
Doll House: Grab his hand to Downfall/Admit it 2
Downfall/Admit it 3 to Downfall/Have another drink R6 D4 F1 T3 A1 1
Downfall/Have another drink R6 D4 F1 T3 A2 1 to Downfall/Try on the last costume 2
Downfall/Try on the last costume 3 to Drink more beer
Drink out of the ∞ bottle to Du trägst Laura ins Wohnziimer
Du willigst ein to ESB: He penetrates you from behind
ESB: In space, nobody can hear her screams to Eat pizza with Helen
Eat pizza with her to Embrace Abby instead
Embrace Anna to Enter the story of you: upgraded!!
Enter the tiled hallway to Evolution III-Summer 2011-Lefthunt4
Evolution III-Winter 2010-1 to Expose the blonde's pussy for the brunette
Expose your Heart to FOTR/ Gandalf stays in Bree
FOTR/ Gandalf takes the ring to Falling for him
Fallout to Fantasy Life/ Page 25
Fantasy Life/ Page 26 to Female: Give the girls permission to do whatever they want to you
Female: Go to sleep with your back turned to Fill the preteen's panties with cum
Fill the purple-haired girl's ass with sperm to Finger her until she squirts again
Finger her wet pussy to Flee from the motobug
Flee from the passionate redhead to Follow Madame Red
Follow Mandy wherever she's going to Force Anna to eat your cunt
Force Anya to give you a blowjob to Freeze and stare at Pop's shocked face
Freeze and try not to be noticed to Fuck her gaping ass
Fuck her gently. to Fuck your victim's beaten face
Fuck your wife's ass to Game world: Prototype
Gamejumper: Shovel Knight to Get another catnip mouse
Get another dentist to deal with Jessica and go get Amber to Get naked and say "I AM HEAR FOR YOU SEXY!"
Get naked and wait for her to come out. to Get ready to deal with the new enemies
Get ready to exit the bus at the next stop and perhaps take the next o… to Get your book
Get your book report to Girl Scout Camp/I'll see you next weekend
Girl Scout Camp/I'll skinny-dip too to Girl Scout Cookies/Fuck Lin's ass on top of Claire
Girl Scout Cookies/Fuck Lin's pussy on top of Claire to Girlngirl High Adult Scenes
Girls to Give the beautician some dick
Give the bellhop the aphrodisiac. to Go Eat A Sandwitch
Go Eat Something Now. to Go back home to your Twolegs
Go back in and eat the girl's pussy to Go down to the basement(SLBC)
Go down to the cellar to Go home, and help tutor Errick again tomorrow at your place
Go home, change, and visit the laundromat to Go into town and eat some people :)
Go into town and let the whores come to you to Go over to Marie's Dresser Drawers?
Go over to Milhouse's place to Go through the forest
Go through the fourth arch to Go to officers
Go to one of Disney's studios. Ought to be some kids there. Definitely… to Go to the high school and hangout
Go to the hotel (P)(A) to Go to your locker
Go to your locker (cheerleader) to Gondor.
Gone! to Good son: get the fuck out of his house
Good son: get the fuck out of his house (07) to Good son: search her room while you wait (11)
Good son: search the house to Goth girl's stocking-clad feet
Goth kid (f) to Grab the Goth girl's feet and fuck her twat
Grab the axe to Grapple Fail Ivan
Grapple Pass Ivan to HC/Grab her phone
HC/Long to Hang up and call room service.
Hang up and do something else to Have Carly take over, and you'll suck his balls
Have Carol ride your cock to Having fun home alone
Having her get completly naked first to Head in to Quarks.
Head inside to Hear a knock on the door(18 Bi IE/WF)
Hear a knock on your door to Her son's school
Her son's school on wheels to High Voltage/Act hurt
High Voltage/Act sad to High Voltage/Shave my legsN2
High Voltage/Shave my legsN2Q to Hoboken Hal 1 1
Hoboken Hal 1 1 1 to Hop in the pool with the boy
Hop in the shower, get some clothes on, and head outside. to Hot and Horny/Miranda Josh room push naked hot
Hot and Horny/Miranda Josh room push naked spin to Hurry up and plunge your cock in your elf mates begging hole
Hurt it badly to IS: Invite Jon over
I AM LORD to I want to watch you put them on
I want top bunk to Ignore her and answer the door?
Ignore her and check out the stores to Ignore the warning. Don't watch out for the pie
Ignore the weapons and hurry towards the Fellowship. to Incubus: Bend Kaerillian over your desk
Incubus: Blindfold him (Temporarry Kaerillian POV) to Insist on being the one to pay
Insist on calling the police and getting Stephen arrested. The bigger … to Invisible/Guy: Knock down the priest in church
Invisible/Guy: Leave, having made Miranda cum with your tongue to Italian
Italy to Jerk off imagining your mom's big tits
Jerk off in bed to Jordan's Magical Adventure
Jordan 7's to Jump out that damn window!
Jump out the window to Just roll with it. Go ahead and have some fun times with Beth
Just run at the door as fast as you can to Kate wants to continue her fantasy, suck Matt's dick
Katharina to Keep Rosetta... permanently
Keep Runnin to Keep licking the brat
Keep licking the now-awake Rachel's box to Keep trying to get away from the French ship
Keep trying to get her night stick away from her to Kick the inner part of his knee
Kick the kawartha through a window to Kinkfinity/Alara/Chase
Kinkfinity/Alara/M/Look to Kiss Fiona's clam
Kiss Gabriel to Knock on the 1st door
Knock on the 2nd door to LST:Chapter 1
LST:Chapter 2 to Lazily watch the slug worm its way into you entirely while you frig yo…
Lazily wrap an arm around Emily and just snuggle for a bit to Leave her with Jason's bandmates and sneek upstairs
Leave him to Leave the temple
Leave the tentacle lair. to Lesbian porn.
Lesbiana to Let Patra pretty you up
Let Patra take you home with her to Let him sing - what's the worst that could happen?
Let him sink his dick into your green-furred snatch to Let the repulsive man have his way with you
Let the resistance members run out before you to Lie Amanda face down and massage her legs
Lie Beth on her back, spread her legs and drill her to Life as a good little girl/You wake up in the middle of the night, tor…
Life as a good little girl\Call it quits to Lilyemdonehandflame5
Lilyemdonehandonskirt3 to LoL/(F)(SUH) Walk past them and go for the treasure
LoL/(F)(SUH) Wrong answer1 to Look at DHara and admit you can't sleep alone
Look at Jereth and smile to Looking for Love in Bandung – "Get lost jerkface!"
Looking for Love in Bandung – Eat some gorengan to M, Infi, Prologue, CP/RD, 2, 1, 6, 2
M, Infi, Prologue, CP/RD, 2, 1, 6, 2, 1 to MKOT Go see your mother and sister off?
MKOT Go take a shower? to Machine of Magic/Be secretive of your future endeavors
Machine of Magic/Buy some blankets, taking the out to Make an appearance as the rare "female sports streaker"
Make an example out of him. to Make your way towards the surrounding forest
Make yourself a king to Masochist me/Contact
Masochist me/Conversation to Meet your young date at the beach
Meet your young date at the park to Mia/Gladiator/Solo/hot baths
Mia/Gladiator/Solo/ignore to Modern Family/Luke2/Haley/Door/Break
Modern Family/Phil to Move your spirit into Katy
Move your spirit into Katy's younger sister to My next door neighbors\ suck on her nipples
My next door neighbors\ take her to bed to NNT- Dildo your asshole
NNT- Go to bed to Nightcaps - Making Whiskers
Nightcaps - Moving Whiskers to No way (Snuff)
No way ... to OPEN THE DOOR
OR.KC:Get some while you wait to Offer to let Jim and the cops fuck you
Offer to let Missy taste your underwear to Ongoing Story/"Eat me out, I've never had that done before."
Ongoing Story/"Finish the job those two succubi started, slave!&q… to Ongoing Story\"Yeah, fuck me hard, Rob. Do whatever you want with…
Ongoing Story\"Yes... rape my virgin cunt..." to Open fire!
Open fire. to Order Desire to once again rim her daughters now destroyed anus
Order Dorcas to crawl onto the bed on all fours to PDTom/Refuses
PDTom/Touches her tits to Paladin/Ice39
Paladin/Ice4 to Patrick's Day/Go flirt with Julia
Patrick's Day/Go to breakfast to Pee in your sleep
Pee in your tea cup to Physical for Dax
Physically grab Annabelle and take her to the exit to Pi Pi Pi/You walk to the dorm naked
Pi Pi Pi/You walk to the dorm without your dress to Piggy's Day/C. Sknife
Piggy's Day/Call for help to Piggy's Day/The side LRC-LLC
Piggy's Day/The side LRC-LLC-RS to Play Dead
Play Final Fantasy VI to PokeBall 2: Dratini
Poke Missy in the side to Pokemon: leave
Pokemon: look for a shiny to Pokesex/Ditto/Show him your not wearing any underwear
Pokesex/Ditto/Transforming to irrestistible babe to Pop your penis out of Denise
Pop your penis out of Penny's posterior to Power: Have her suck you off /PoS
Power: I think we should fuck to Princess Peach's story
Princess Problems to Pull her down for a cum soaked kiss
Pull her dress a little up and release your cock to Pull out so Janet can get her panties back in place
Pull out so Janet can pull her panties back into place to Pull your prick out of Tiger Lily
Pull your prick out of the maid's ass and untie her to Push him back onto the bed
Push him down, in order to save him to Put that skirt back on and go
Put that thing in your mouth to Quickly Climb up a tree
Quickly Plunge the dagger into your fathers chest to ROTJ: Oola
ROTJ: Oola goes down on Luke to Ram your cock up this horse's ass
Ram your cock up this horses ass to Reach down between her legs and feel some mound
Reach down her shorts to Rebels: Ezra Bridger: Try to fix Chopper
Rebels: Ezra Bridger: Visit Hera in the cockpit to Remain in your cell
Remain in your location and watch the black men fuck your daughter to Resist the urge to feed on the dying soldier
Resist the witch's spell to Ride the horse down the hillside
Ride the lion across the highway to Robb gives in and converts (Path Seven)
Robb gives in and converts (Path Six) to Row for shore!
Row to shore to Run away from the Germans
Run away from the alligator to Run out the fire escape
Run out the last door that opened to S413 Who cares? Stand there with your arms crossed
S413 Why are we locked in here then? to SM:Make a Mad Dash
SM:Make the Bus Stop to SSS/Turn on your PC and look for some porn
SSS/your dad to Samantha's Naughty Day/Go naked
Samantha's Naughty Day/He finally stops the car to Say "As long as you don't do any permanent damage, you can do any…
Say "But you're not taken by me. to Say that you were hoping she could finish you with her pussy
Say that you were only doing your civic duty to Scarlet Lovers
Scarlett to Screw that. Come up with a different plan
Screw that. I'm going to look somewhere else. to See if the brat is still dangling from the other joystick
See if the jeweled dildo fits in your pussy to Send a spy to find out
Send all of the women, elderly, and children off on the horses to your… to Set Science-Pistol to Fried Calimari
Set amy's hornyness and sexual knowledge to 100% to She deserves to choke to death
She didn't! How about that to Shift your spirit into the young attractive nun
Shift your spirit into the young nun to Short And Random/ 13
Short And Random/ 14 to Short and cute
Short iron dagger to Show them your dancing skills, swinging your blade about isn't the onl…
Show them your erection? to Sister Paula's pussy
Sister Paula's throat to Sith Warrior
Sits between them to Slide another finger in
Slide down the steep right side of the hill. to Slowly stroke your cock more as Jessica watches
Slowly turn around, adopting a fighting stance to Sneak into the dressing rooms
Sneak into the empty booth directly across to take a sneak peek to Sonic & Shadow let Amy die
Sonic & Shadow play as Sonic to Spongebob's Day At The Krusty Krab/ Go Inside And Talk To Krabs
Spongebob's Day At The Krusty Krab/ Go Talk To Krabs..... to Spy on your older sister some more
Squab explained he was invited to Stalker-try to invite her out with some old friends
Stalker-try to make out with Jenny on the couch to Start To Cry
Start Undertail to Stay absolutely still, and then turn off the flashlight
Stay after school to get help writing it from Mr. Box. to Stay put.
Stay put - maybe they'll let you go in the morning to Step through the phone and find the ball
Step through the phone and join Pac Man to Stick your hand down the garlic girl's pants
Stick your hand in her panties to Storyboard
Storyline-template to Struggle against your chains — you want out of here!
Struggle all night, and fail to get free. You will have to think of a … to Suck his cock as quietly as you can
Suck his dick to Suggest you just have a threesome instead.
Suggest you leave the arcade, perhaps grabbing something to eat to Swallow the campus cop's load
Swallow the coconut whole to TFA: Ask for a tittyfuck.
TFA: BB-8 to TMS: I was a villainess of evil.
TMS: Laura Kinney: X-23 to TPM: Tell her you want a tittyfuck
TPM: Tell her you want anal to TSRM- Tell her to open her mouth
TSRM- Touch it? to Take Jane and Hugo back to your place
Take Janet's bikini top of and lick her ample breast to Take a seat at the back of the bus
Take a seat at the back of the bus, then button up to Take it outside to the balcony and wake the neighborhood
Take it raw to Take the dagger, and finish him off
Take the dark alley ahead to Take you somewhere else
Take you there in the kitchen(40 (IE/WF) to Talk with the demon who was eaten before you
Talk with the most normal version of You to Tell Brenda that Dào-míng's twat belong to you
Tell Brenda to bring her box to your tongue to Tell Lucas and Mila to suck your cock
Tell Lucian to restrain the Creeper so you can talk to Grace some more to Tell War you didn't mean to encounter him
Tell Wendy that she's being naughty to Tell her to stop, or you'll attack
Tell her to stop, you don't want to orgasm so prematurely. to Tell him to surrender to the police
Tell him to take his ears off to Tell the duck that you'd prefer not to drink
Tell the duck you aren't hungry to Tell the squirrel girl to taste your nuts
Tell the squirrel girl you'll give her the nuts if she fucks you to Testing Facility/Thank Harvey for a lovely evening and ask when you ca…
Testing Facility/Voluptuous frame to The Battle of the Best/Right Door(
The Battle of the Best/Run to the backyard to The Force Unleashed II
The Forest to The Grand Arena: Naruto / Phase 1, Round 2: Force Sphere Part 1
The Grand Arena: Naruto / Round 1: Tsunade vs Kurenia to The Grand Arena / Use Vanish to escape them (2)
The Grand Arena / Use Vanish to get past her (2) to The Neighbors/Lucas: A tad skinny, fun, good at everything, pretty rip…
The Neighbors/Noah: Stocky, black haired, quiet, 13 to The Targaryen Girl
The Targaryen Girl (Afternoon) to The boys finish, and leave you tied up in the booth.
The boys keep screwing you to The metal detector goes off
The microphone, beotch! to There's an old elelphant coming in to advise the committee on issues.
There's been a toxic spill in a Taco Bell parking lot to Throw a chess piece at the black lion
Throw a chicken at the bomb to Tim. 9yo boy, 4'1", blonde hair, skinny, 4" penis
Tim: A transfer student from Azerbajan, with a passion for jacking off… to To the right, through the field
To the roof. to Transform the woman outside the tube into a shark creature
Transformation to Try and fill her ass?
Try and find Diane and Laura to Try to break the cylinder
Try to break the fight up. to Try to get under her panties
Try to get up to Try to stay down while he cums
Try to steal one of the tasers from the crew and escape. to Turn around and shoot anybody suspicious
Turn around and take her from behind to UDX: BE109: Yeah, so fuck off please
UDX: BE10: Be humorous, take her to the lodge naked to UDX: BE5: Check Chris's Phone
UDX: BE5: Climb over the gate to Under the bank of the stream
Under the bed to Unwritten/Chun/Black underwear
Unwritten/Chun/Bunny girl to Urinate against the left wall
Urinate against the right wall to Use your tongue.
Use your vehicle as a weapon and ram the two men into the front of the… to VRX 9000: Sex Games / Kelsey plays with Leslie more(A)
VRX 9000: Sex Games / Kill Zuna and search the rooms (1) to VRX 9000: Sex Games / Recruit Mai as a Tank (14114)
VRX 9000: Sex Games / Recruit Mai as a Tank (14142) to VRX 9000: Sex Games / The Futa Twins Characters
VRX 9000: Sex Games / The Gangbang of Kinsey(A) to Victim: Go into the boy's locker room.
Victim: Go into the boys' bathroom to Viridian City/PokeMart/Girl
Viridian City/PokeMart/Girl/Organic to WAS: Undress and go down into the pond with the naked woman
WAS: Untie her straps and set her free to WTPCAY-DeathIIIIIGI
WTPCAY-VideogamesIIICII to Wait for the cop car to reach you
Wait for the cowgirl to continue stripping to Wake up..
Wake up... again. to Walk out
Walk out, leaving Dào-míng trapped under Brenda to Want to fuck his ass
Want to fuck someone up to Watch the clouds
Watch the clouds/Bunny to Well, How Much Can You Eat?
Well, a little blood doesn't bother me, it'll be like eating a sloppy … to Whip out your credit card and take her inside to buy the boots
Whip out your dick and balls infront of the whole PE class to Wilda Southerland
Wilderness Survival to Wishful Thinking/Home
Wishful Thinking/Inside The Apartment to Work Attire/You get the tattoos
Work Attire/You give Edgar a show to Y4H: Read Whitley's whole letter (iv)
Y4H: Read the last page to YWD: Get up and run out of the room?
YWD: Give him a blow-job? to Yawn curl up with Hagrid and go to sleep
Yay Treasure to Yo Jabba Jabba
Yo Tyrone Digga,ich weiß wo es Bitches gibt! to You VS Dave (Easy)/Throw Rock/Throw Scissors/Throw Scissors/Throw Scis…
You VS Dave (Easy)/Throw Scissors to You can start by letting me in, please? (BROOKE)
You can stay although my siblings Rosalie and Jasper are not happy wit… to You just keep on blowing
You just sit there, shocked to You tell him that it is none of your business
You tell him the truth about your skills, the lack of them anyways. to Your ass has had enough
Your ass is next to Your very Feminine
Your very Masculine to ~Shake your head
~Stick your head in to the bathroom and take a peak to ﻖﻦﻷﻚ
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