Spend the night with Johnny at his place

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Johnny puts his hand on the small of your back and guides you to follow him. You get on the train to his place, a not-too-small but not-too-tidy apartment. You notice pictures of his family on the walls and a few dirty dishes in the sink. He's place isn't disgusting, it's just messy and needs a bit of a scrub.

But Johnny didn't bring you over to clean up his space. Within minutes of entering the apartment Johnny has you naked again, your legs in the air, his cock in your ass and his tongue in your mouth. He takes his time with you before he unloads for the third time today. You and Johnny make out for a while after he cums before Johnny orders you both a pizza. He only puts on a pair of boxers for just long enough to grab the pizza, pay the man, and head back into his apartment. You swear, the greasy teen that delivers the pizza gets a look at your naked body behind Johnny and stares wide-eyed for a moment before Johnny closes the door, winking at him. Johnny throws the pizza on the kitchen counter and removes his boxers again.

You and Johnny eat in silence. Johnny cracks open two beers and hands you one. When you finish your third slice you pretend to have accidentally spilled beer on Johnny's cock and he laughs as you lick it off.

You reflect on how comfortable you are with Johnny. He jokes with you, plays with you, and his cock his to die for. Between fucking he even asks you opinions on the news. While at first you gush about his article about city council, he pushes you to be a bit more critical and highlights all the things that article is missing. "Never be satisfied with just good or even great, there's always more to a story." You end the night in Johnny's arms, sleeping soundly. You're nervous about tomorrow but excited to be helping Johnny.

You wake up early, the sun is hardly out and you are being spooned by Johnny. You can feel his morning wood poking you in the back, You pick up the bottle of lube on the night stand that you two had already put a dent in. You lubed your hole and then his cock and as he was just starting to wake up, you slid him inside of you. The feeling was exceptionally pleasurable. The lube and being fucked so much yesterday and made it easier for you to accommodate Johnny's length and girth. You began to ride him enthusiastically. Johnny, delighted by this wake up call, was grabbing hard onto your hips but letting you lead. He would give you ass the occasional slap and commented how much he loved your slight frame and very jiggly bubble butt. You came before he did, spraying his chest with your cum, you even got a spot on his chin but he didn't seem to mind. You slowed your pace when you came but Johnny, not done yet, began pushing you up and down on his cock until he finished in you.

You two cleaned up in the shower, playing with each other as you did. Johnny had discovered how much you loved getting your neck nibbled at and he found great pleasure in taking advantage of this, getting you to moan and groan and writhe as he necked you.

Coming out of the shower Johnny showed you the two options of guys you had to work with today.

You decided to:

help @sparetherod "move a couch" in their home

"deliver flowers" to @spoilthechild

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