Stannis walks in (Eager)

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The man who entered the room was Stannis Baratheon, Lord of the Andals and the First men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, and, according to Melisandre, the Prince who was Promised. He was wearing standard military garb, black jerkin and breeches. He also wears the crown, which seems to not fit him. When he walked in, he was greeted with the sight of Arya's ass and pussy on full display, along with Melisandre's perfect boobs.

"Why is he here?" Arya asked, looking back and giving her King a sexy smile.

"Stannis is Azor Ahai, the Prince who was promised," Melisandre explained, stroking Arya's hair, "As Red Priests it is our job to serve him in whatever way the Lord of Light needs us too."

"I think I know where this is going," Arya purred, wiggling her butt for Stannis. Stannis did not show any emotion at all, but instead, began to unlace his pants. Arya knew she was having an effect, though, when Stannis pulled out his ten inch hard penis. Arya gasped slightly in shock, but then grinned in anticipation.

Noticing her reaction, Melisandre added "The Lord of Light has gifted Stannis in more ways than one."

Stannis got behind Arya and lined up his cock with her slit, which was dripping wet at this point.

"Is she... broken in?" Stannis asked. Arya nodded. "Good," Stannis replied, than without warning or foreplay, he plunged in. He slammed 8 inches abruptly into Arya, causing her to scream in shock and pain. He pulled out, only to thrust back in. By the fourth stroke, he was already balls deep in the Stark girl, and was pounding away. Arya's screams of pain became moans of pleasure as she got used to Stannis' size. She spread her legs further apart, allowing Stannis to go even deeper.

"Do not forget your duties to me, my princess," Melisandre reminded Arya. She took another sip of wine, then poured some down her navel and into her cunt. "Drink up."

Smiling, and still moaning from Stannis' assault, Arya begins to slurp the wine out of her teachers' pussy. She sucks her clit, dips her tongue in, and anything else needed to get every last drop of wine. The wine mixed with Melisandre's juices, giving it a somewhat sweeter taste.

"Yes, very good," The Red Woman encourages, pressing Arya's head into her snatch. She looks up at Stannis, still brutally fucking Arya. His dick pistons in and out of Arya at incredible speeds, and Arya's whole body rocks from the impact. Arya could barely contain her screams of pleasure and lust as she tried her best to eat out Melisandre. As Stannis plowed her tight, preteen pussy, Arya studied every part of her teacher's sex. What spots turned her on, which spots made her groan, which spots she liked to be teased with. She did all this while still withstanding the onslaught her King was unleashing on her.

However, Arya could not hold it in any longer, and lifted her head to scream "FUCK! YES STANNIS FUCK ME HARD! Oh my god.... Oh my.... yeah, fuck my tight little pussy!" Arya pushed back on Stannis' dick, meeting his every thrust. As both Arya and her King approached climax, Melisandre began a prayer.

"Lord of Light, Come to us in our darkness."

"I'M CUMMING!" Arya screamed as she climaxed, erupting her juices around Stanniss' dick.

"I offer you this girl, to be trained in your light."

Stannis grunted as he came, filling Arya with his seed. Her tiny womb filled instantly, and her pussy overflowed with his kingly juices.

"Take her and cast your light upon her. For the night is dark and full of terrors." As she finishes the prayer, Arya collapses from exhaustion. Without another word, Stannis pulled up his pants and takes his leave, closing the door behind him.

"He came in me," Arya said, worried, "Will I get pregnant?"

"Don't worry, my princess," The Red Woman replied, "The Lord of Light has plans for you. You will not get pregnant tonight. Now go to sleep," She strokes Arya's head as she closes her eyes. "You have done well." With that, Arya drifts off to sleep, the feeling of Stannis' cum still inside of her.

The next morning

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