Start kissing Preslie while rubbing the oil all over yourselves

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Status: Naked and Horny

Maybe it's the heat messing with your head, or maybe you're just naturally slutty, but Preslie's offer is not immediately off-putting. In fact, it makes your crotch damp and not just because of the sweat. You lock eyes with Preslie as she stands by the gate, her ass jutting out and flaming her perfect despite the weather. With a sexy saunter, you walk towards the vixen, stopping only at her bag to grab the bottle of oil from it.

Soon, you're not two feet from her, close enough to count the wrinkles at the corner of her wry smile. Slowly and deliberately, you uncap the bottle and turn it upside down, holding a hand under it to catch the dripping liquid. It spills for a minute or two before you turn it back up right. Preslie licks her lips as you slap your hand to your chest, just above your breasts. The baby oil splatters on your skin, and you smear it in sensually. It feels amazing, especially since the baby oil is slightly cool on your hot flesh.

Suddenly, Preslie is against you. She lunges towards your lips with hers and soon you're frantically sucking face with her. She grabs the bottle from your hand and up ends it again, pouring the oil all over your and her shoulders, backs, tits, everything. The bottle quickly empties, and then lies forgotten by the water as you push her against the gate and moan into her mouth.

Your shiny, slippery skin rubs against her slippery, shiny skin. Her tongue and lips taste amazing, and as you roam her body with her hands, you have to marvel at how soft and supple it feels. The oil helps with that, true, but the skin under it is just as incredible.

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