Start of Third Day (Both)

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The next morning, Robb was woken by the morning light pouring through the open window. Groaning and hungover, her slipped out of bed, practically falling. Arya had moved in her sleep, now spooning Sansa. The two girls stirred, slowly opening their eyes. They were also hungover, and soon realized how close they were. Smiling, they embraced in a passionate kiss.

"I think we had a bit too much to drink," Sansa joked, pulling herself out of bed. Her nude form was stunning.

"I'll say," Arya agreed, arching her back, pushing her breasts to the sky.

Robb walked over and kissed Sansa. "It was worth it," he smiled, locking lips with her again. Arya stayed out of it. She had realized that Robb loved Sansa in a different way then he loved her. Sansa and Robb were lovers, and Arya and Robb were just siblings with benefits. She was a bit saddened by this, but was also happy for them. Besides, as long as she could have Robb's dick inside of her, she would be happy enough. The three got dressed and entered the dining room. Theon was already there, flanked by the two serving girls, Mira Forester and Sera Durwell.

"And that's how I singlehandedly defeated the kingslayer," Theon said, concluding his tale, "It's a wonder I'm still alive, really. Oh, hello Robb."

"Singlehandedly, eh?" Robb joked, sitting down. Sansa sat next to him, digging in to the baked bread before them. Arya sat across from Sansa, also grabbing some bread

"Something to that effect," Theon countered, taking a sip of wine.

"Wow, your so brave," Sera commented, her hand falling below the table. Robb found her overt behavior amusing, as well as Mira's horrified reaction. Arya rolled her eyes

Lastly, Jon stumbled into the room. He looked more hungover then the rest of them, and sat across from Arya. Robb thought maybe she was doing something under the table, but he dismissed the thought. They had a nice breakfast, sharing jokes and stories. After breakfast, all the Starks went their separate ways. Robb saw Sera clearing the table and taking the plates to the kitchen, and dirty thoughts entered his mind. Before he could entertain them, Sansa asked if they could go for a walk in the godswood.

What does Robb do?

Go for a nice walk in the godswood

Go for a 'fun' walk in the godwood

Follow Sera to the kitchens

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