Start of the Final Day (Path Five)

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Robb was woken up by a knock at the door. Looking around, he realized he was alone in Sansa's bed. Where was his sister? He heard another knock, and sighed as he climbed out of bed and answered the door. It was Mira, wearing an elegant grey and blue dress, unusually expensive for a serving girl.

"Lord Stark, I-I-" she stammered, her eyes roaming his body. Robb suddenly realized he was naked, his whole body on display.

"Go on," Robb said, too tired to care. He just hoped Mira wouldn't question why he was naked in his sister's room.

Mira quickly regained her composure and continued. "Sorry my lord. The procession out of King's Landing will leave in about an hour. Your sister is having breakfast downstairs, if you'd like to join her. Also, we couldn't find Arya. We checked her room, but she wasn't there, so we assume she... spent her night elsewhere."

Robb chuckled, amused by his sister's sexual adventures. "She'll turn up soon enough. Send some guards to look for her, nonetheless. Check Jon's room." Mira nodded and prepared to go, but Robb stopped her. "Before you go, I have a question. Where did you get that beautiful dress? It's stunning and I don't remember you wearing it before." Robb did indeed like the dress, especially the deep neckline.

"Oh," Mira said, blushing, "Well, before serving you, I served Lady Margaery. She wanted to thank both Sera and myself for our service, so she had these dresses made for us. If you'd like, I can take it off? I mean, I can put on a different dress." Her cheeks reddened even more, embarrassed by her accidental sexual innuendo.

Usually, Robb would have some fun with her, but he was in a good mood, and could see Mira did not want to get lucky. He smiled and dismissed her, retreating into his room. He put on his Stark finery, originally his fathers. Robb hoped his actions in King's Landing would of made his father proud. Once ready, he descended down the stairs.

When he reached the dining room, he was surprised to see that his sister was not alone. Mira had failed to mention that she was joined by Daenerys, Gilly, and Margaery. Gilly had her baby in her arms, who was awake and, thankfully, quiet. Gilly was spooning porridge into his mouth.

"Oh, Robb, I'm glad you're here," Margaery said, smiling, "Sera had made some wonderful pastries that are absolutely delicious. You have to try one." Robb glanced over at Sera, who was in the corner. She was wearing a dress similar to Mira's, except red and green. She grinned when she saw Robb's gave on her, and pushed out her chest.

Robb sat down and put two pastries on his plate. "Sansa, I didn't realize you were acquainted with..." he looked around the table.

"Well," Sansa began, "I of course met Margaery last night at the feast. I met Gilly this morning, and think its so sweet your helping her and her baby." She smiled a bit, hinting that maybe she knew the other parts of the agreement. "So Margaery asked me this morning if I wanted to go for an early morning walk, and I of course accepted. We decided to have breakfast afterward." She then looked over at the Targaryen, who was looking stunning. She had her silver-blond hair in two braids that framed her beautiful face. She looked fearful Robb would be angry with her. "Margaery had the idea of letting Daenerys come have breakfast with us. I hope that's okay."

"Of course," Robb said, watching the visible relief on Daenerys' face, "She has committed not crime, and is therefore not a prisinor. She will be coming with us to Winterfell, so we might as well start treating her like family."

The rest of the meal was filled with pleasant chatting. Margaery flirted playfully with him, but besides that all the talk was innocent. Daenerys was quiet most of the time, talking mostly to Gilly. After the meal, everyone went their separate ways and prepared for the march North. Robb followed Sansa to her room.

"So, Sansa, there is something I need to tell you," he began as she undressed.

"What is is?" she said, slipping out of her dress and revealing her amazing body, only hidden by her smallclothes.

"I talked with Melisandre last night." Sansa froze, and looked at him. "She tried to convince me to convert to her religion."

"What did you say?"

"I told her I would convert." Sansa was shocked. "I intend to make good on my promise."

"Why!" She yelled, anger rising in her. "Why would you forsake the gods of our family, our father!"

"Under the red god, siblings can marry." The anger drained from her face. "Now I don't know what lies ahead for us. But I don't want anything to stand between us."

Sansa said nothing. She just walked over to Robb and hugged him. Robb hugged her back, then brought her face to his and kissed it. This was why her converted, the freedom to do this whenever he wanted. They separated and Sansa finished dressing, a the two stealing kisses whenever possible.

Once ready, the two made their way down the hall. They also ran into Arya, who had been discovered. She was wearing typical riding gear, intending to ride her own horse instead of joining Sansa in the carriage. Robb consented, much to Arya's delight.

Together, the siblings made their way to the procession.

Leaving King's Landing

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